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Lone Ranger, The (2013)

Lone Ranger, The (2013) quotes

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John Reid
Latham Cole

View Quote Frank: [as Tonto and John are running down on top of a moving train, they run into Frank at gunpoint] Going somewhere?
Tonto: Yes.
John Reid: [with chained hands in the air & connected to Tonto] No.
Tonto: Yes.
John Reid: No.
Tonto: Yes.
John Reid: No.
Frank: [shouting] Shut up!
Tonto: [after a pause, Tonto see a mail hook approaching] Yes. [the mail hook snags John's chains and hauls him and Tonto off]
View Quote [Frank shows up at Butch's hideout]
Butch Cavendish: Where's Barret and Jesus?
Frank: [pants] He killed 'em. Straight draw. F-Fired one bullet, and they didn't stand a chance.
Ray: Frank!
Frank: It was a Ranger, Butch. A Lone Ranger.
Butch Cavendish: The Rangers are dead.
Frank: No. The ghost of Dan Reid. He'd be comin' for you.
Butch Cavendish: Shut up! [flips Frank] Let him come!
View Quote [At the ceremony to give a speech to the people of Colby] My friends and citizens of Colby, I've asked you here today so you can see at firsthand what I believe to be the single most important enterprise under God. The unification of this great country of ours by iron rail. To the Comanche, I say you have nothing to fear. As long as there is peace between us, all the land treaties shall be honored. But to the outlaw, those who prey upon the weak, make no mistake, law and order has come to the Wild West. Which is why I am bringing notorious outlaw and Indian-killer, Butch Cavendish here to Colby to hang for his crimes. The future is bright, ladies and gentlemen, and it's just around the bend.
View Quote [being chained with Tonto] No.
View Quote [Shouting to John after he saved the passengers] Where is girl?!
View Quote [Shouting to Tonto while finding Butch Cavendish] What?! Where's the silver?
View Quote I boxed in law school.
View Quote I do not fear what comes next.
View Quote Kemosabe.
View Quote Wrong brother?