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Logan (2017)

Logan (2017) quotes

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View Quote NOT OKAY!
View Quote Caliban: A year ago– you asked me to help you, and– God knows, I've tried– But I can't help you, Logan, not really– if you're not gonna talk to me. I hear you at night; you're not sleeping; you don't wanna talk about that– Or the booze you're drinking– Or the pus you're wiping away from your knuckles. Or the blood I wash from your clothes. Or the– fresh wounds in your chest; the ones that aren't healing– And I'm pretty sure you don't wanna talk about the fact that you can't read the label on that bottle– [Logan looks bewildered then takes the bottle to try and read it] It says 'Ibuprofen'. [In a fit of anger, Logan smacks Caliban's drink from his hand, shattering the cup] That was my favourite mug.
Logan: Stay outta my shit.
View Quote Charles Xavier: **** off, Logan.
Logan: See, you know who I am.
Charles Xavier: I always know who you are, It's just sometimes I don't recognize you.
View Quote Charles Xavier: Logan, you still have time.
Logan: The world is not the same as it was, Charles.
View Quote Laura: You are dying. You want to die.
Logan: How do you know?
Laura: Charles told me.
Logan: What else did he tell you?
Laura: To not let you.
View Quote Laura: You had a nightmare.
Logan: Do you have nightmares?
Laura: Sí. People hurt me.
Logan: Mine are different.
Laura: ¿Por qué?
Logan: I hurt people.
View Quote Logan: [about X-23 (Laura Kinney)] Who is she?
Charles Xavier: She's like you– she's very much like you.
View Quote Logan: [Indicating he plans to leave after reuniting Laura with the other mutant children] Everything you asked for you got. And It is better this way – because I suck at this. Bad shit happens to people I care about. You understand me?
Laura: Then I'll be fine.
View Quote Logan: [seeing Laura read an X-Men comic book] You read these in your spare time? Oh yeah, Charles, we got ourselves an X-Men fan. You do know they're all bullshit right? Maybe a quarter of it happened – but not like this. In the real world, people die! And no self-promoting asshole in a ****ing leotard can stop it!
Charles: Logan.
Logan: This is ice cream for bed-wetters!
Charles: Logan–
Logan: That nurse has been feeding her some grade-A bullshit.
Charles: I don’t think Laura needs reminding of life's impermanence.
View Quote [Logan has been impaled on a tree and is dying]
Logan: Take your friends and hide.
Laura: No.
Logan: They'll keep coming. Listen, you don't have to fight anymore. Go. Don't be what they made you... Laura...Laura...
Laura: [takes his hand] Daddy–
Logan: Ah– [smiles] –So this is what it feels like– [dies]
Laura: [weeping] No! No! Daddy! Daddy!
View Quote [Last words] Beware the light.
View Quote [Last words] Our boat– [Logan: What?] the Sunseeker.
View Quote [Last words] So this is what it feels like.
View Quote [To Laura] Hey, I never asked for this! Alright, Charles never asked for this, Caliban never asked for this– And they are six feet under the ground! Now, I don't know what Charles put in your head, but I am not whatever it is you think I am, okay?
View Quote A man has to be what he is. Joey. Can't break the mold. There's no living with the killing. There's no going back. Right or wrong. It's a brand. A brand that sticks. Now you run on home to your mother. You tell her everything's alright. There are no more guns in the valley.