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Rico Bandello: We started off together, didn't we? Well, we gotta keep going along together. Who else have I got to give a hang about? I need ya, Joe. I got the biggest chance of my life. The Big Boy just handed me the whole North Side, but it's too much for one man to handle alone. I need somebody, somebody to work in with me, a guy like you. Somebody I can trust.
Joe Massara: It can't be me, Rico. I've quit.
Rico Bandello: You didn't quit. Nobody ever quit me. You're still in my gang. Do you get that? (grabbing his lapel) I don't care how many fancy skirts you got hangin' on to you. That Jane of yours can go hang. It's her that's made a softie out of you.
Joe Massara: You lay off Olga...
Rico Bandello: I ain't layin' off of her. I'm after her. One of us is gonna lose and it ain't gonna be me. There's ways of stoppin' that dame.
Joe Massara: You're crazy! Leave her out of this.
Rico Bandello: Aw, she's through. She's out of the way, that's what she is.
Joe Massara: You're lying. You wouldn't dare.
Rico Bandello: [brandishing his hand] I wouldn't, wouldn't I? I'll show ya.
Joe Massara: I love her. We're in love with one another. Doesn't that mean nothin' to ya?
Rico Bandello: Nothin'. Less than nothin'. Love! Soft stuff! When she's got you, you ain't no good for anything. We ain't out of this yet. Now we don't want no softies spilling things.
Joe Massara: I ain't gonna spill anything if that's what you're scared of.
Rico Bandello: You go back to that dame and it's suicide. Suicide for both of ya.
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