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Rico Bandello: [reading newspaper] "Underworld pays respects to Diamond Pete Montana."
Joe Massara: Ah, what's that gotta do with the price of eggs?
Rico Bandello: Plenty. Diamond Pete Montana. He doesn't have to waste his time on cheap gas stations. He's somebody. He's in the big town, doing things in a big way. And look at us, just a couple of nobodies, nothin'.
Joe Massara: Is that what you want, Rico? A party like that for you? "Caesar Enrico Bandello. Honored by his friends."
Rico Bandello: I could do all the things that fella does, and more, only I never got my chance. Why, what's there to be afraid of? And when I get in a tight spot, I shoot my way out of it. Why sure. Shoot first and argue afterwards. You know, this game ain't for guys that's soft!
Joe Massara: Yeah, there's money in the big town, all right. And the women. Good times, something doing all the time. Exciting things, you know. The clothes I could wear. And then I'd quit, Rico. I'd go back to dancing, like I used to before I met you. I don't know. I ain't made for this sort of thing. Dancing. That's what I wanna do.
Rico Bandello: Dancing? Women? And where do they get you? I don't want no dancing. I'm figuring on making other people dance. Oh, I ain't forgetting about the money. Money's okay, but it ain't everything. Be somebody. Look hard at guys and know they'll do anything you tell them. Have your own way or nothing. Be somebody.
Joe Massara: You'll get there, Rico.
Rico Bandello: Yeah.
Joe Massara: You'll show them.
Rico Bandello: You know, this was our last stand in this burg. We're pulling out.
Joe Massara: Where are we going?
Rico Bandello: East. [gestures to the newspaper] Where things break big.
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