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Scar: So you haven't told them your little secret? Well, Simba, now is your chance to confess. Tell them who is responsible for Mufasa's death.
Simba: ... It was me.
Sarabi: It's not true. Tell me it's not true.
Simba: It's true, I'm sorry.
Scar: He admits it. Murderer!
Simba: No, it was an accident.
Scar: If it weren't for you, the king would be alive. It's your fault he's dead! Do you deny it?
Simba: I'm not a murderer.
Scar: We should believe a son who takes the life of a father? We should believe a son who takes the life of a king? A son who abandons his mother?
Simba: No, I'm--
Scar: You're what? Say it! Are you the king?
Simba: No, no. I'm--
Scar: Are you the king?!
Simba: [falls into despair all over again] No, I'm...
Scar: You're what?! Say it!
Simba: [whimpering near the ledge] I'm nothing.
Scar: Then bow to your king!
[Simba falls and hangs over the ledge of Pride Rock]
Nala: SIMBA!
[Lightning strikes below, igniting a fire]
Scar: Now, this looks familiar. Where have I seen this before? ...Oh, yes. I remember! This is the way Mufasa looked before he died. I looked down, and saw the fear in his eyes. [claws Simba's paws] And here's my little secret. [whispers into Simba's ear] I killed Mufasa.
[In shock, Simba has a flashback in slow motion and realizes that it was Scar who killed Mufasa at the gorge; Simba's eyes wide open and his shock turns into fury as he bites Scar's mane and gets back up, resuming the confrontation]
Simba: My father! Your own brother! How could you?!
Scar: [to the hyenas and lionesses] First he kills Mufasa, and now he wants to kill me?!
Simba: You killed him! Tell them the truth!
Scar: Don't believe his lies!
Sarabi: Scar, you told us you didn't get to the gorge in time.
Scar: That's true.
Sarabi: Then how did you see the look in Mufasa's eyes?!
[Scar growls, realizing he's been exposed]
Simba: Murderer!
Scar: [to his hyenas] Kill them all!

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