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Limitless quotes

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Edward "Eddie" Morra
From the trailer
Vernon Gant

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View Quote 12m06s (This quote comes from the Berean Study Bible version of John 9:25. It also appears in the song Amazing Grace: "I once was lost, but now am found, Was blind, but now I see.")
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View Quote Edward Morra: That van's gonna rear-end that taxi.
Carl van Loon: What?
Edward Morra: The driver's distracted; he's texting; he's going thirty miles an hour; he has sixty feet to stop; he doesn't have room.
Carl van Loon: What van? [van rear-ends taxi]
Edward Morra: I see everything, Carl. I'm fifty moves ahead of you and everybody else. What makes you think I don't have a guy with a bead on you right now? How do you know you're gonna be alive this time next year? 1h33m01s
View Quote Lindy: Are you still there?
Eddie Morra: Yeah, I'm here. What happened?
Lindy: I'm stuck; he'll find me!
Eddie Morra: Okay, stop talking. Don't move.
Lindy: He killed two guys!
Eddie Morra: What?
Lindy: He's gonna kill me, too.
Eddie Morra: No, no, no, no. No, no, no. Can he see you?
Lindy: No. Not yet. [whimpering] I don't know what to do.
Eddie Morra: Okay, I need you to go into the bag and take one of the pills.
Lindy: Why?
Eddie Morra: Because you'll know what to do. You'll take it and then you'll know.
Lindy: He's got a knife. Eddie, I can't think my way out of a knife.
Eddie Morra: Just listen to me: it'll come on in thirty seconds and you'll think your way out—that's what it does. 1h00m36s