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Life or Something Like It

Life or Something Like It quotes

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Lanie Kerrigan

View Quote Andrea: You're late.
Lanie Kerrigan: I'm not late. You're early.
Andrea: I ate cheese.
View Quote Cal Cooper: Is this your breaking up with me? Well, take a minute. Will you reconsider about it?
Lanie Kerrigan: A minute just seems like a really long time to waste.
View Quote Deborah Connors: You... go.
Lanie Kerrigan: You mean like "you go girl"
Deborah Connors: No, just go.
View Quote Lanie Kerrigan: I met a homeless guy and he had a vision.
Cal Cooper: What like ESPN?
Lanie Kerrigan: No, he had ESP. There's no N, honey.
View Quote Lanie Kerrigan: I'm marrying Cal. I know this is hard for you to accept.
Pete Scanlon: Well. Listen Lanie. You are the single most delusional, most self-absorbed, self-involved, egomaniac woman that I've ever met.
Lanie Kerrigan: Hmm... Umm... Let's have sex.
View Quote Lanie Kerrigan: My life is over. I'm officially dead. Just stopped breathing. I'm dead.
Pete Scanlon: Define life.
Lanie Kerrighan: My career. My network job. My wedding. Ok?
Pete Scanlon: Do you really think if you have no job and no boyfriend then your life is over?
View Quote Lanie Kerrigan: Under the cir****stances, I think it would be best if we kept things on a purely professional level.
Pete Scanlon: Define "the cir****stances".
Lanie Kerrigan: We have to work together. We don't have to like it.
View Quote Lanie Kerrigan: Well, I hope your happy.
Pete Scanlon: Define happiness.
Lanie Kerrigan: Your death.
View Quote Lanie Kerrigan: What would you do if you only had a week to live.
Pete Scanlon: I would try to live every moment and I would go to all the people that mean most to me, and I would try to memorize their faces.
View Quote Lanie Kerrigan: You don't bother me. You can't. Because no matter how you would like to define it, I can honestly say, at this point, my life is perfect.
Pete Scanlon: Define perfection.
View Quote Pete Scanlon: Did you ever hear the saying "A picture holds a thousands words."
Lanie Kerrigan: That's only for people like you who don't know a thousand words.
Pete Scanlon: I know two, and the first one begins with an "F".
View Quote Pete Scanlon: Do you have another cameraman who can make look like a natural blonde?
Lanie Kerrigan: I'm not just a reporter. I'm a TV personality. My hair is my trademark. Just like the "I don't like to shower" look is your trademark.
View Quote Pete Scanlon: Look. I don't want the opportunity to pass me by again. So I should have told you this a long time ago. But I've loved you since the first day I met you.
Lanie Kerrigan: Define love.
Pete Scanlon: Lanie. I want to spend the rest of my life with you.
View Quote Pete Scanlon: Take a deep breath.
[Lanie did deep breathing] Pete Scanlon: Feel better? Take one more.
Lanie Kerrigan: [breathing] Oh my God. You are trying to have sex with me.
View Quote Pete Scanlon: You are full of shit. She is not gonna die. Because she did get the job. The network job you said she wasn't gonna get. Which means you were wrong.
Prophet Jack: Was I?
Pete Scanlon: What is that supposed to mean?
Prophet Jack: If she dies tomorrow, she doesn't get the job. And I was right.