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Sam: I took some of your Vicatin.
George: I know. Why?
Sam: I like how it feels to not feel.
George: I know the feeling.
Sam: How do you become something that you're not?
George: What would you like to be?
Sam: What I'm not.
George: What are you now?
Sam: I'm nothing.
George: That's not true.
Sam: You see, that's the thing though is that I am what I say I am.
George: I gave up on you.
Sam: No, no if you'd given up on me I'd be in Tahoe right now.
George: And what would you be doing there right now?
Sam: Getting high, I guess.
George: If I asked you to stop, would you?
Sam: I haven't used anything in two days. I'm trying.
George: I'm proud of you.
Sam: Yeah, well don't be. And hide that new Daily...whatever that new drug is you have. I like it.
George: I held I gun up to my father’s head once. You ever think like that? He had just been yelling at my mom over, nothing, undercooked meat. I went to my room, I held the barrel right up to his ear, and then I chickened out again. Of course it was a bb gun but it still would’ve hurt like hell.
Sam: (takes of headphones) Are you talking?
George: I was just thinking about my mom. She wouldn't leave my dad. I remember one time she made dinner for us wearing sunglasses. Remind you it was dark outside, and in. And nobody said a thing about it.
Sam: Why wouldn't she just leave?
George: I think she was terrified to live with him but maybe even more terrified of life without him.
Sam: I would've killed him.
George: It would have been so much better if you had. Maybe then he wouldn’t have driven drunk, killed my mom in a car crash, other women in the car. Hurt a little girl in the back seat too. You would’ve liked your grandma, she was pretty cool. I still think about that little girl, they couldn’t find her father and her mother was dead.
Sam: Do you ever wish you'd have done it?
George: What, killed my dad?
Sam: (Nods)
George: I loved him too much.
Sam: That's weird.
George: Yeah, I guess it is.
Robin: You sure this is what you wanna do?
Sam: Yes. This is what he wanted.
Robin: I read the letter, you read the will. He wanted you to keep it and live in it someday.
Sam: Alright, maybe it's not what he wanted but it's what he was hoping for. Maybe it's what I want.

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