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View Quote [Referring to Kuribayashi] This one is trouble.
View Quote [to his men, right before a suicide charge] A day will come when they will weep and pray for your souls. [unsheathes his katana] I will always be in front of you.
View Quote [to Nishi before he commits suicide] It has been a great honor to serve under you.
View Quote [To Saigo when he fails to hit the target during target practice] My six year old son can shoot better! [Saigo shoots again and misses] Do you call yourself an Imperial soldier?
View Quote [Waiting in vain for the American tanks to run over him] Where are you, American tanks? Come and get me!
View Quote [When the Allied forces fire on him] Why are you always messing with me. It's got to be a joke! [An Allied shell lands right next to him, knocking him over. He sees the shell is a dud] Thank you, God! I take back what I said!
View Quote A good officer uses his head, not his whip.
View Quote Damn this island! The Americans can have it.
View Quote Do what is right because it is right.
View Quote Don't hide here like rats, come out of your caves and attack!
View Quote Don't waste a bullet. Not one.
View Quote Everything happens in threes.
View Quote Here is the uniform of the American medic. He should be your target. For, Americans will risk many lives to save this one.
View Quote I have failed to hold Suribachi. Permit me to die with my men!
View Quote I won't go back, I've had enough of cave fighting. You men are now under command of Lieutenant Colonel Nishi. [Strapping explosive to himself] I'll throw myself under a tank, I'll destroy one of their machines!