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Stefan: Excuse me. You must realize where there is a pursued, there must also be a pursuer. I've seen you somewhere, I know. I followed you upstairs and watched you in your box. But I couldn't place you, and I had to speak with you. Oh, I know how this sounds. I assure you in this case it's true. You believe that, don't you?
Lisa: Yes.
Stefan: Thank you. Now please, just a moment. Is there anyplace we could have met, that I might have seen you? Like one of my concerts? It must have been some time ago. I haven't given any concerts in Vienna lately - or anywhere else for that matter.
Lisa: You don't play anymore?
Stefan: Oh, it's not quite as final as that. I always tell myself I'll begin again next week, and then when next week comes, it's this week, so I wait for next week again.
Lisa: What are you waiting for?
Stefan: That's a very disturbing question.
Lisa: My carriage.
Stefan: You can't ask such a question and just walk away. I have a feeling - please don't think I'm mad. I know it sounds strange, and I can't explain it, but I feel that you understand what I can't even say, that you can help me. Have you...have you ever shuffled faces, like cards, hoping to find the one that lies somewhere just over the edge of your memory, the one you've been waiting for. Well, tonight when I first saw you and later when I watched you in the darkness, it was as though I had found that one face among all others. Who are you? [Lisa turns to leave and walks away] Promise I'll see you again. I must see you.
Lisa: I don't know.

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