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Lethal Weapon 4

Lethal Weapon 4 quotes

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View Quote Butters: You have the right to remain silent, so shut the **** up! Okay!? You have the right to an attorney! If you can't afford an attorney, we'll provide you with the dumbest ****in' lawyer on Earth! But if you get Johnnie Cochran, I'll kill ya!
Waiter: Johnnie Cochran! He fight for me!
View Quote Butters: Your baby is having my baby!
Murtaugh: My baby is having his baby!
Butters: "And your baby? Whoa, baby!"
Murtaugh: "Whoa baby my baby!"
View Quote Leo: Hey, uh, hey, Riggs, who's the, uh, perp? What'd you bust him for?"
Butters: Oh, I'm a perp? Oh, you see a young brother in the back of a police car, automatically I'm a perp?! Look at my suit! Look at my tie! What do I look like, a ****in' Crip's accountant?! Look at this badge, bitch! Check out the gun!
Leo: Okay, okay, hey, hey, put the gun down! Put the gun down!!
Butters: License! Registration! Urine sample!
Leo: Hey, I got a badge too, okay?! German Jews didn't have it any easier when we were kids, so don't think you're the only one, okay?! Okay?! Besides, I knew you were a cop, I was just kiddin' with ya! Hey, I can smell a cop a mile away!
Butters: Oh, I smell bad, what'chu trying to say?!
Leo: Well, stop turning everything around! You're so damn touchy! These guys'll tell ya, we work together, we got a history together! Hey, maybe we'll work together someday! I'm the bomb, they'll tell ya, I'm great!
Butters: Yeah, we're gonna work together as soon as I open up a cereal shop, ya ****in' leprechaun!
Leo: Hey, I didn't call you any names, ya ****face!!! Don't start that!!
View Quote Leo: Okay, you did say "aft"?
Murtaugh: A-F-T. Aft.
Leo: And that's a ****in' word?
Murtaugh: In the back of the cabin on the right side, Leo!
Leo: Well, why didn't you say that to begin with, ROGER?! I love how these people get around boats and water, and all of a sudden everything becomes ****in' nautical! Astern! Avast, ye landlubbers! Man the bilge pumps! Pump your ****in' ass!!
View Quote Leo: Oooohhhh, my tooth!
Dr. Chen's Receptionist: What's the matter with you, sir?
Leo: What's the matter?! My ass hurts! My tooth! What is this, a dentist's office or a proctologist?!
View Quote Lorna: You look a little banged up.
Riggs: You look a little knocked up.
View Quote Murtaugh: "What you got got in hands there?
Butters: Uh-uh...a nut cup? I got some big nuts!
Murtaugh: "T-That's nitro...hmmm....oxide!
Butters: It's a laughing gas!
Murtaugh: W-W-We're stoned!
View Quote Murtaugh: I wasn't supposed to tell you this, but Lorna's pregnant, you're gonna be a father!"
Riggs: No, get going, get... what did you say!?
Murtaugh: You're gonna be a FATHER!!
View Quote Riggs: Flied lice?
Uncle Benny: Flied lice! It is fried rice, you plick!
View Quote Riggs: Hey, are those little hearts?
Murtaugh: Not now Riggs! Just shoot the damn valve!
Riggs: Okay! Also, flap your arms and make noises like a bird!
Murtaugh: I'm not gonna flap arms! Why!?
View Quote Riggs: Yeah, I'm sick of these ****ers, Rog. I say we just find 'em and shoot 'em, what do you think?
Murtaugh: Better meet me and Butters on South Spring Street, then.
Riggs: Yeah? What's going on?
Murtaugh: I found my watch.
View Quote Riggs: Yeah, there's something I'm not supposed to tell you, too.
Murtaugh: What?
Riggs: Rianne's pregnant, you're gonna be a grandfather!
Murtaugh: Rianne's WHAT?!
View Quote Uncle Benny: Time! Time for Forefathers!
Riggs and Murtaugh: Forefather!"
Riggs: Uh, Washington? Jefferson? Those guys?
Murtaugh: Roosevelt?
Uncle Benny: I'm sleeping with my wife's two sisters!
Murtaugh: "You lucky son of a bitch!
Riggs: That's a good one Uncle Benny!
Uncle Benny: Not so good! When my wife finds out!