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Leroy & Stitch

Leroy & Stitch quotes

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View Quote Gantu: I noticed the little Earth girl never captured you!
6-2-5: I guess the one place I belong is with my blubber-butt buddy, Gantu!
Gantu: Maybe THAT was my problem all along!
6-2-5: What? Your blubber butt? Hahaha!
View Quote Gantu: You never did understand the meaning of "Aloha", did you?
Hämsterviel: Well, I think it means...
Gantu: That was a rhetorical question.
Hämsterviel: Ugh!
View Quote Grand Councilwoman: Mr. Gantu, would you be interested in resuming your position as Captain of the Galactic Armada?
Gantu Would I?! [quickly calms himself] I mean, yes Your Eminence, but on one condition.
Grand Councilwoman: Condition?
Gantu: I'd like to request experiment 6-2-5, ahem, Reuben as my Galley Officer.
Reuben: No kidding?
Gantu: I've grown rather fond of your egg salad.
Grand Councilwoman: Granted.
View Quote Hämsterviel: I think that went very well, don't you?
Gantu: Actually, I think...
Hämsterviel: I did not ask you what you think!
Gantu: Actually, you did. I...
Hämsterviel: No! It was a rhetorical question! Don't you know what a rhetorical question is?
Gantu: Yes, sir. I believe it's...
Hämsterviel: No, No! That was a rhetorical question, too! Ugh!
View Quote Hämsterviel: Perhaps I will mimic the little earth girl and name you with your very own name! I shall call you...Spike!
Gantu: She already used that one.
Hämsterviel: Very well, then. Kixx!
Gantu: Used it.
Hämsterviel: Slugger?
Gantu: Done.
Hämsterviel: Cannonball?
Gantu: He jumps in the water, makes awesome waves!
Hämsterviel: D'oh!
Jumba: Why not just call it 6-2-7?
Gantu: You already made 6-2-7.
Jumba: I did?
Hämsterviel: Shut up! I am naming the naming here! I'll think of it! (thinks) I've got it! I shall name you...Leroy!
[Both Jumba and Gantu laugh.]
Hämsterviel: What? It is a genius name!
View Quote Lilo: 6-2-5? I never gave you a name, did I?
6-2-5: A name? For me?
Lilo: Let's see. How about Patty, short for Patty Melt.
(6-2-5 frowns)
Lilo: Or Monte, like a Monte Cristo?
(6-2-5 holds his nose.)
Lilo: Or Pita, Pita, Sandwich Eata!
6-2-5: (laughs) I don't think so.
Lilo: I know! Reuben!
Reuben (6-2-5): The classic corned beef and sauerkraut on rye. Reuben! Oh, I like that.
View Quote Stitch: Aloha, gerbil boy.
View Quote (To avoid Leroy who have found Lilo and Reuben having been let out of their cell by Gantu, they escape by Reuben climbing the ceiling.)
Gantu: 6-2-5, when did you learn to climb ceilings?
Reuben: The name is Reuben.
View Quote [Hämsterviel prepares to blast all of the experiments into oblivion with the BRB 9000's cannon]
Hämsterviel: Aloha! As in...goodbye.
[As the cannon prepares to fire, the GACC van drops out of hyperspace and heads towards the ship]
Stitch: Kalabunga!
[The GACC van fires a cannon of its own, destroying the BRB 9000's cannon and narrowly avoiding crushing Hämsterviel and Leroy. The van lands and everyone gets out]
Jumba: Who would've thought carpool van had such sophisticated weapons system?
View Quote [Last lines]
Lilo: Okay, everybody, this is it! For the last picture in my book: a group shot, the whole ohana! Everybody say "Aloha!"
All: Aloha!
View Quote [Lilo sees all the equipment set up for Alohapalooza]
Lilo: [to Stitch] Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
Stitch: [doing an air guitar and an Elvis impersonation] Rock and roll, baby!
Lilo: Jumba: sound!
Jumba: Cranking up to evil 11!
Lilo: Pleakley: lights!
Pleakley: [tries to turn on the stadium lights but blinds himself] Bright! Very bright!
Lilo: Gantu: uh, [looks at Gantu's blaster] fireworks?
Gantu: Gladly!
[Gantu fires his gun into the air catching the attention of the battling experiments. Stitch emerges on stage dressed in an Elvis costume]
Stitch: Aloha, cousins! [starts playing but a string breaks] Achuta.
[Stitch quickly fixes the string and sings "Aloha Oe" along with Lilo and Reuben with some of the experiments playing instruments. All of the Leroys start to shut down]
Lilo: It's working! Aloha totally rocks!
[All of the Leroys shut down including the original]
Hämsterviel: Not my original Leroy! [spots all of the experiments looking at him angrily and gulps before they start tossing him around like a beach ball] I am not beach ball-like, I am hamster like!
View Quote [Stitch tries to save himself, Jumba and Pleakley from a black hole]
Pleakley: [cheering like a cheerleader] Go little monster! Save us, save us from the black hole! Yeah!