N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z #

Emmet: [Emmet looks devastated; to Bad Cop] There you go, I told you I was a nobody.
Bad Cop: [sighs] Oh. It's the perfect cover.
Emmet: Cover? Cover for what?!
Bad Cop: I can't break him. Take him to the meltin' chamber and do nothing.
Emmet: What?! [in the meltin' chamber Emmet has been strapped to the meltin' device, Emmet screams 10 seconds] NOOOOOOOOO, NOOOOOOOOO, NOOOOOOOOO, NOOOOOOOOOO, NOOOOOOOOOOO, NOOOOOOOOO, NOOOOOOOOO, NOOOOOOOOO, NOOOOOOOOO, NOOOOOOOOOOO!! You're going to melt me?! AM I GONNA DIE?!
Good Cop: You'll live! You'll be fine! [Bad Cop/Good Cop's phone rings and Bad Cop answers it as he switches back to his face]
Evil Villain: Melting chamber, or not!
Bad Cop: President Business, I have him right here, sir. A blue beam?! Yes and no, we've told him he'll live so he doesn't try to escape, but uh, we're lying to kill him. [Bad Cop presses the button to activate the meltin' device and Evil Villain tells Bad Cop]
Evil Villain: I'll never telling you, cop! NEVEEEER!!
Bad Cop: [starts to weeping] Stop it! [leaves]
Emmet: Wait! What did he just say?!
Robot: Hold still!
Evil Villain: Get off the melting chamber!
Robot: Evil Villain, GET OUT OF THE MELTING CHAMBER, NOW! [Evil Villain leaves] Hold still, Emmet?
Emmet: Wait, there is obviously been a mix-up here! You have got the wrong-- [a blue beam of light is shoot at Emmet's back to remove the Piece of Resistance and screams] OOOOOW!! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ah-ah-ah-eh-ow! That is gonna start hurting pretty soon!
[as the Robot starts to increase the heat while grinning meanicingly, the hooded woman that Emmet had noticed in the construction site earlier appears and attacks the robots, overpowering them all down and goes to Free Emmet]
Emmet: No,no,no,nonononono...
[Emmet grunts and falls she frees him from his iron shackles, Wyldstyle grumbles stops. Emmet gasps]
Emmet: Whoa! Who are you?! [Wyldstyle sighs and takes off her hood to reveal her face and Emmet is transfixed again] It's you...?
Wyldstyle: Come with me, if you wanna not die. [just as Emmet goes to grab her hand, Emmet and Wyldstyle gasp, Good Cop enters the chamber with a croissant]
Good Cop: Hi, everybody! How's the Melting goi--? [as he notices Emmet escaping with Wyldstyle Bad Cop appears]
Bad Cop: Hey, hey, hey, heeeeeey! [he starts shooting at Emmet and Wyldstyle] Red alert, red alert! I need everyone, repeat, everyone, to go after the special! [kicks the melting chamber, screams] OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWW! THAT HURTS!
Evil Villain: You're FIRED!
Bad Cop: Evil Villain, you're never seen fired again!
Evil Villain: The Emmet NEVER give me the melting chamber again! You're stupid red beam of light and runaway! [Evil Villain bites the Bad Cop]
Bad Cop: OUCH!! He bit me.

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