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Emmet: I feel like maybe I should touch that.
Voice: It's so interesting... Touch the Piece... Touch the Piece... It's so interesting... Touch the Piece... [Emmet gets up and starts walking over to the giant block]
Emmet: Uh... [he becomes completely transfixed and steps over his instruction manual]
Voice: Touch the--
[he slowly extends his hand and touches the block and infinite gets a vision]
[record scratches, which includes Vitruvius reciting the Piece of Resistance prophecy]
Vitruvius: A Special one with face of yellow... [Emmet falls, screaming] ...will make the Piece of Resistance found from its hiding refuge underground... [Emmet is still falling] ...this Master Builder... [girl screams] ...will thwart the Kragle and save the realm...
Wyldstyle: Come on, Emmet, protect the Special!
Vitruvius: [Emmet then passes out] ...the Special has arisen.
Boy: It's your turn to be the hero.
Bad Cop: [as Emmet slowly wakes he hears someone's voice interrogating him] [Bad Cop echoes in distorted voice] Wake up.
Emmet: [Emmet falls asleep] [echoes in distorted voice] Ugh.
Bad Cop: Come on, wake up! Where is the Master Builders?! How did you find the Piece of Resistance?! Eh?!, where are the others hiding?
Emmet: [Emmet's wake up out voice interrogating hears as starts to open his eyes] [in normal voice] Good morning, apartment...?
Bad Cop: [in normal voice] WAKE UP! [Emmet screams suddenly an angry looking cop shines a light onto Emmet making him immediately awake] How did you find the Piece of Resistance?
Emmet: The Piece of what?
Bad Cop: The Piece of Resistance. [Bad Cop grunts, and screams as he falls and finally lands onto the ground, suddenly he knocks a chair aside in anger scaring Emmet, we see Emmet is being held in an interrogation room with his hands shackled to chair]
Emmet: I don't, where am I, what's happening?
Bad Cop: What's happening? Playing dumb, master builder?
Evil Villain: [to Bad Cop] YOU'RE LIED TO ME!!
Emmet: No, I... master builder?
Bad Cop: Oh, so you've never heard of the prophecy?
Emmet: No, I...
Bad Cop: Or the Special?
Emmet: No! No, I...
Bad Cop: You're a liar! We'll kill ya. [Bad Cop grunting and screams, starts to kick and wrestle a chair]
Emmet: Look, um... [Bad Cop chuckles] I watch a lot of cop shows on TV... [Emmet gasps] Isn't there supposed to also be a-? Isn't there supposed to be a Good Cop?! [Emmet grunts as he falls and finally lands onto the ground]
Bad Cop: Oh yes. But we're not done yet. [switches head]
Good Cop: Hi, buddy! I'm your friendly neighborhood police officer! Would you like a glass of water?
Emmet: Yeah, actually that sounds-
Bad Cop: [switches back to his face] TOO BAAAD!!! [smacks the glass away] Security cameras picked up this! [grunts] You were found at the construction site convulsing with a strange piece!
Emmet: That's disgusting!
Bad Cop: Then why is it permanently stuck to your back?
Emmet: [peers back, sees that The Piece of Resistance is glued onto his back, and screams in alarm, but has a panic attack, and tries to get it off] Oh no! Aaaah! Ah! Ah! Get off me!! It won't come off, it's chasin' me! Look, it's not my fault! I have no idea how this thing got on my back! [Bad Cop changes his face to Good Cop]
Good Cop: Of course, buddy. I believe you!
Emmet: Great! [suddenly Bad Cop appears beside Emmet] [Screams] Aaaahh!! I don't wanna scared?
Bad Cop: I "believe" you, too! You see the quotations I'm making with my claw hands? It means I don't believe you! Why else would you show up with that thing on your back just three days before President Business is going to use the Kragle to end the world?
Emmet: President Business is gonna end the world? But he's such a good guy. And Octan, they make good stuff: [flashback books] Music, dairy products, coffee, TV shows, surveillance systems, all history books, voting machines... [flashback ends] ...Wait a minute.
Bad Cop: Oh, come on, you can't be this stupid!
Emmet: Look, this is a misunderstanding, I'm just a regular, normal, ordinary guy, and I'm late to meet my best friends in the whole world, and they're probably missing me right now, they're probably out looking around! Hey, where's Emmet? Hey, where's my best friend Emmet? And you know what. Ask all my friends! THEY'LL TELL YOU!!

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