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Radio DJ: [he turns on the radio] Top of the charts again, it's everything is awesome.
Emmet: Oh, my gosh! I love this Song! [Everything Is Awesome turns on, the music starts playing] Always use the turn signal, park between the lines. [Emmet and everyone else parks in exactly the same way] Yes! Drop off dry cleaning before noon, read the headlines, don't forget to smile. [waves and smiles to everyone as he walks down the street]
Paper Boy: Paper!
Emmet: Always root for the local sports team. [a train full of passengers appear]
LEGO® Citizens: Gooooooooo, SPORTS TEAM!!
Emmet: Always return a compliment. [to the male Lego citizen stepping out of the coffee shop] Hey, you look nice! [everyone turns to Emmet]
LEGO® Citizens: So, do you!
Emmet: Drink Overpriced Coffee! [inside the coffee shop he buys a coffee]
Larry The Barista: Here you go, that's $37. [Emmet looks at him for a moment before replying with excitement]
Emmet: [Laughing] Awesome! [Emmet walks to work with his overpriced coffee following the line of all the other construction workers doing exactly the same]
Construction Worker: Did you see Where are my Pants? last night? [everyone laughs and replies at the same time]
Emmet: [chuckles] Classic episode!
Foreman: [Everything is Awesome" continues to play in the background as the Lego construction workers get into position] Instructions coming in from central. Okay, it says here that anything that's weird then blow it up! [the workers start blowing up the buildings] [BOOM!!!!] All right, Cylinder-Heads, let's make it look exactly like it does in the Instructions!
Construction Worker #1: Hey, buddy! I need 1x2 keyhole!
Emmet: No problem, Michael.
Construction Worker #2: 2x2 macaroni over here.
Emmet: 2x2 macaroni flying in! Here's 1, Mel.
Construction Worker #3: Guys, got a 1x1 with an indented stud on 1 side!
Foreman: Cheese, look, cheese slopes, come on, everybody!
Emmet: Roger that, Roger.
Construction Worker #4: Look alive, coming at you.
Construction Worker #5: Can I get a couple LURPs over here?
Emmet: Thanks, Gail.
Construction Worker #6: Guys, watch me drill this down.
Emmet: [everyone cheers and Emmet]
Construction Workers: [they all start singing along to "Everything is Awesome"]
Emmet: Man, I feel so good right now! I CAN SING THIS SONG FOR HOURS! [5 Hours Later] [everyone at the construction site is still singing "Everything is Awesome" and it's finally coming to the end of the day]
Construction Worker #1: When you're part of a TEAM! [BOOM! everyone cheering] Yeah, I'm gonna the sports bar after work tonight, who wants to eat some delicious chicken wings and get [Gail laughs] CRRRRRRRRRAAAZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZYYYYY?! [as the other constructions workers start leave together, Emmet is left behind and tries to get their attention]
Emmet: Chicken wings? I lo...!
Construction Worker #2: Yeah, who wants to share a croissant with this guy?
Emmet: Croissant? I love croissant!
Construction Worker #3: Oh, yeah! I sure do love giant sausages!
Emmet: Giant sausages, no way. [nobody pays Emmet any attention as he tries to join them] Do you know what I love to do? This is share a meal with the special people in my life, Fred, Barry, Gail, me and y...?
[suddenly Emmet's into a construction post: WHACK!, Emmet grunts as he falls and finally lands onto the ground, and a gust of wind blow his instruction manual out of his hand]
Emmet: Ah, no guys, wait up! Okay, I'll meet you there! [Emmet chases after his instruction manual as the wind continues to carry it off] Oh, where did it go? [he finds the manual lying on some Lego rubble] Oh, there you are. [Emmet laughs as he retrieves the manual and turns to leave just as he hears something a whoosh] I think I heard a whoosh.

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