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Emmet: [awakens from his vision] Uh, Lucy? What?
Mermaid: Emmet, what have you done?
Emmet: Wait. [jumps onto another platform] You guys don't think this is all my fault?
Sherry Scratchinpost: Meh, maybe not entirely your fault.
Sheryl Swoopes: It's totally your fault
Gary Payton: [throws down a spiked ball] You got that right, WNBA legend Sheryl Swoopes.
Emmet: Listen, everyone, Lucy and the others were kidnapped in some sort of plan to start Armamageddon.
Gandalf: Armamageddon? Where we're banished for an eternity in the Bin of Storaj? That's just a legend.
Emmet: No it's real and it's gonna happen to all of us unless we rescue them.
Velma Dinkley: Jinkies! Who's gonna lead the mission?
Cleopatra: You wouldn't even make it past the Stairgate, let alone survive the Systar System.
Harley Quinn: That's a suicide mission!
Abraham Lincoln: [hovers down in his rocket chair] Wyldstyle said you're not tough enough to do this. Ya haven't changed with the times. You're stuck in the past a quarter score ago.
Larry the Barista: We've all grown up except for you.
Chainsaw Dave: Yeah, dude, you're a total Hufflepuff.
[Emmet looks on dismayed]
Woman: That's right he is!
Abraham Lincoln: Definitely not a good one.
Emmet: But, I'm not-
Gandalf: You remembered what happened to the Justice League. Not with Batman gone and Marvel not returning our calls, there are no real heroes left. Only original Aquaman and unlicensed knock-off, Larry Poppins.
[scene cuts to lego original Aquaman and Larry Poppins a male version of Mary Poppins]
Larry Poppins: Well, [pulls a plate of salt of his suitcase] I say a spoonful of salt helps the medicine go down. Anyone? No?
Gandalf: Oh, Larry
[Emmet looks around at the booing Master Builders]
Man: What he said is right!
Emmet: Aw, come on, everyone! We've done this before. We all took on Lord Business and we've changed the world!! [Chainsaw Dave and other Lego characters look at Emmet, confused] We are all special now. There's nothing we can't do! [Sherry and her cats and the Sewer Babies listen to the speech] We need to go up to that Alien planet and show those aliens what we're made of! [opens the door, exits the fortress, and turns back to the Master Builders] Who's comin' with me?
[The Master Builders stare at him blankly and seconds later, the door slams shut, hinting they all refuse to help Emmet]
Emmet: [sighs sadly]

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