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Legend quotes

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The Lord of Darkness

View Quote I know everything, Jack. Yet I do not understand what has happened today. Suppose you tell me, Jack? You know these woods as well as any elf. Did you not see something odd today, any strange spirits? Did nothing untoward happen?
View Quote I require the solace of the shadows and the dark of the night. Sunshine is my destroyer!
View Quote Look! Ugly one-horned mule!
View Quote Mortal world turned to ice... Here be goblin paradise!
View Quote Mother Night! Fold your dark arms about me. Protect me in your black embrace. I sit alone, an impotent exile, whilst this force, this presence, returns to torment me!
View Quote Nobody knows but you. It's our secret Jack. Don't tell Gump! Promise? Promise?! I could be anything you want me to be, even your heart's desire. You've got to help us, Jack! A fairy's love makes anything possible.
View Quote The dreams of youth are the regrets of maturity. Dreams are my speciality. Through dreams, I influence mankind.
View Quote This place holds more magic than any palace in the world.
View Quote Blix: Wow. Forgive that intrusion, great lord, but goblins are inclined to be outspoken and I like to encourage their initiative.
The Lord of Darkness: [holding the Unicorn's horn in his hand] Did you think this a mere plaything? [they shake their head's "no"] With it, my empire is eternal! Before I ruled only the night. Now, my minions will frolic in darkness until the end of time. The Unicorns are dead, is this not true?
Blix: True lord, very plenty true.
Pox: Undeniably true.
The Lord of Darkness: You lie! Here is dawn!
Blix: The stallion is dead. Dead as dreams.
The Lord of Darkness: Out with it!
Pox: The mare lives still!
The Lord of Darkness: If even one Unicorn walks the Earth, my power is not complete.
Blix: It's just a female, lord. She has no power.
The Lord of Darkness: Only the power of creation! Get the mare, I command you!
View Quote Jack [After Lily touches the unicorns]: What you did is forbidden.
Lily: Who says so?
Jack: It is known, Lily. These are sacred animals. You risk your immortal soul.
Lily: I only wanted to touch one. Where is the harm in that?
View Quote Lily: Are you afraid to kiss me Jack?
Jack: I'm afraid you'll break my heart.
Lily: Then still your heart. You're dear to me as life itself! Don't you wish this was our wedding ring?
Jack: If I say yes, will my wish come true?
Lily: I'm a princess. It's my right to set a challenge for my suitors. I will marry whoever finds this ring! [Lily throws the ring in a lake]
View Quote Meg: "Foul tasting fairy! [sees Jack] Come to Meg, juicy boy! Who be this tender morsel to disturb Meg Muckelbones's rest."
Jack: "Jack. They call me Jack ma'am."
Meg: "Jack... What a fine, fat boy you are, Jack."
Jack: You don't really mean to eat me, do you Ma'am?"
Meg: Oh, indeed I do!"
Jack: That would be a shame, because someone as fair and lovely as yourself Miss Meg, deserves far better than scrawny me. Don't you think?
Meg: You think me fair, do you Jack?
Jack: All the heavenly angels must envy your beauty!
Meg: What a fine meal you will make, be the rest of you as sweet as your tongue!
Jack: No wait! Fill your soul with loveliness! Feast on the beauty of your reflection. You are an angel miss Meg. Look!
Meg: Clever boy.
View Quote Screwball: There's only one thing I want to know.
Brown Tom: What?
Screwball: WHY ME?
View Quote The Lord of Darkness: Father, I hold the world in my grasp and yet, this girl distracts me. It has been an eternity since I have felt such desire. What am I to do?
Satan (Darkness's father): She fascinates you because her soul is pure. To make her one of us, charm her, woo her, change her spirit, hypnotize her, set her free, bring her to you!
View Quote The Lord of Darkness: Lady, do not be afraid. Quiet, quiet. How like you my gifts? Does the gown not please you?
Lily: (sobbing) No
The Lord of Darkness: (small Evil laugh)
Lily: No, you lie. You disgust me. You are nothing but an animal.
The Lord of Darkness: (Evil laugh) We are all animals, my lady. Most are too afraid to see it!
The Lord of Darkness: We are all of us damned, my queen.