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Richard: You got rid of everybody else, your mother, Ruth, Thorne. There was only Danny left. What were you thinking of? You never really cared for him. You only pretended to. What happened? Did he refuse to leave?...Was that why you killed him?... You're a perfect swimmer and the boat was so far away, and he was going down for the third time. You killed him. You let Danny drown, didn't you? Didn't you?
Ellen: Yes, I let him drown, and I'd do it again! I didn't want him around. I didn't want anyone but you.
Richard: I knew it. I must have known it all along but I kept pushing it out of my mind. I couldn't believe it. I didn't want to believe it. How could I? You loved me, you said. Wanted only to make me happy.
Ellen: Yes, that was all I ever wanted, Richard. Your happiness, only that. I didn't mean to let Danny drown. I didn't plan it, I swear I didn't. But when he went under I thought if he never came up, I'd have you all to myself. I thought if he was gone, you'd have only me. And while I was thinking that, he was gone. I was sorry then, and frightened. I tried to find him, tried honestly, tried hard. But it was too late. Why don't you kill me, Richard? You could so easily, you know.
Richard: And the baby. You never wanted it, did you?
Ellen: No. Don't you see? I didn't want anyone around. Only you. I wanted to be just with you. I couldn't stand having anyone between us. Oh, I love you so, Richard. I love you so.
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