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Dr. Frank Napier(holding the newspaper): You see this yet?
[Joe Clark takes the newspaper from Frank, read the headline that says "Principal 'Crazy Joe' Clark Fights With Former Student"]
Dr. Frank Napier: You know all your shit comes down on my head.
Joe Clark: Oh Frank, look-
Dr. Frank Napier: No, let me talk. It's like you're a big bird with radar, and I'm tired of getting hit!
Joe Clark: Is this my fault?
Dr. Frank Napier: This is nothing! I've got Union Lawyers threatening me, and there's talk of a walkout.
Joe Clark: Well let 'em! They're not teaching down there anyway!
Dr. Frank Napier: Then it's your job not-
Joe Clark: None of them has a personal stake in that school Frank, not one.
Dr. Frank Napier: The Fire Chief was just here, he says it's illegal to bar those doors. Mrs. Barrett is organizing a parent's group to try to get you removed, since you insulted them at that meeting the other night when you suggested that they "get off welfare".
Joe Clark: Oh, I just-
Dr. Frank Napier: Cause the fact is quite a few of them need it.
Joe Clark: I wasn't talking to all of them, Frank. Now look, you came and recruited me, man. You disappoint me brother, you disappoint me.
Dr. Frank Napier: The disappointment here is you!
Joe Clark: Me?!
Dr. Frank Napier: Yes!
Joe Clark: Look, you know who I am. You know me 30 years, you knew what I would do! You know how I'm ready.
Dr. Frank Napier: Quiet! The fact is you're screwing up. You're alienating everybody! Look at you; you have no life, your wife left you! I oughta walk out on you myself!
Joe Clark: Well, go ahead! Bail the hell on out!
Dr. Frank Napier: But I said I would back you up!
Joe Clark: That's what you said, Frank! That's what you said!
Dr. Frank Napier: Brother, I will go through the... fire with you! But you are not taking care of business! This shit you're pulling now, is just gone plain loco! And you suspend Darnell, what the hell was that?
Joe Clark: Darnell is symptomatic of the disciplinary problems that we have in this entire-
Dr. Frank Napier: He is a good, strong, young black teacher! So, he, dumped that desk right on top of your head, well right on! Good for him! You will reinstate that man, you hear? [Clark waves his hand in acknowledgment.] And then you fire Mrs. Elliot, why?! Because she didn't want to kiss your ass, well I wouldn't either, how about that?!
Joe Clark: Mrs. Elliot has an ego problem!
Dr. Frank Napier: Yeah, well, you lost the best teacher we had. We couldn't get her back now if we wanted to.
Joe Clark: I don't have time for Mrs. Elliott's problem!
Dr. Frank Napier: You better make time!
Joe Clark: We are being crucified by a process that is turning blacks into a permanent underclass here, Frank. A permanent underclass!
[Dr. Napier turns away]
Joe Clark: No-oh, see? Nobody wants to talk about that. Nobody! Mrs. Elliott's missionary zeal about Mozart has nothing to do with our problem. Nothing! What good is Mozart going to do a bunch of children who can't go out and get a job?!
Dr. Frank Napier: Joe, your personal battles are gonna cost us the war. Worry about the test scores.
Joe Clark: [screams] What the hell you think I'm worried about, Frank?!
Dr. Frank Napier: End of discussion! Debate is over; you will write a formal apology!
Joe Clark: I will what?!
Dr. Frank Napier: A formal apology! For your treatment of Mrs. Elliott and Darnell and for your vicious and thoughtless insults to the women of this community! You will kowtow, you will step and fetch!
Joe Clark: Frank, if you think-
Dr. Frank Napier: Get used to it, it's the way of the world! If you're so hot on discipline, then goddamn it... [Slams a fist on his briefcase] start by accepting mine. Because contrary to popular opinion, I'm the head **** in charge! [Savagely grabs his briefcase and heads for the door, then turns back to a speechless Clark] Come on, let's get something to eat.
Joe Clark: [following him to the door and walking out with him] You really think you're bad, don't you?

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