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Feisal: In the Arab city of Cordova, there were two miles of public lighting in the streets when London was a village...
Lawrence: Yes, you were great.
Feisal: ...nine centuries ago...
Lawrence: Time to be great again, my Lord.
Feisal: ...which is why my father made this war upon the Turks. My father, Mr. Lawrence, not the English. Now my father is old. And I, I long for the vanished gardens of Cordova. However, before the gardens must come fighting.
Sherif Ali: [Ali shoots Tafas dead while riding his camel. He stops his camel and jumps down to examine Tafas' body] He is dead.
T.E. Lawrence: Yes... why?
Sherif Ali: This is my well. [mentioning the well Lawrence and Tafas are resting at]
T.E. Lawrence: I have drunk from it.
Sherif Ali: You are welcome.
T.E. Lawrence: He was my friend.
Sherif Ali: That? [mentioning Tafas]
T.E. Lawrence: Yes, that.
Sherif Ali: [Ali walks towards Lawrence and grabs Tafas' revolver lying on the sand] Yours?
T.E. Lawrence: No, his.
Sherif Ali: [Ali tucks the revolver into his waist and walks towards the well] His? [mentioning the tin cup near the well]
T.E. Lawrence: Mine.
Sherif Ali: Then I will use it. [pulls some water out of well]
Sherif Ali: ... your friend... was a Hazimi of the Beni Salem.
T.E. Lawrence: I know.
Sherif Ali: [Ali salutes Lawrence and drinks his water]I am Ali ibn el Kharish.
T.E. Lawrence: I have heard of you.
Sherif Ali: So... What was a Hazimi doing here?
T.E. Lawrence: He was taking me to help Prince Feisal.
Sherif Ali: You've been sent from Cairo?
T.E. Lawrence: Yes.
Sherif Ali: I have been in Cairo for my schooling. I can both read and write... my Lord Feisal already has an Englishman.
T.E. Lawrence: Yes.
Sherif Ali: What is your name?
T.E. Lawrence: My name is for my friend. [Ali walks away] None of my friends is a murderer.
Sherif Ali: You are angry, English. [Ali climbs his camel] He was nothing. The well is everything... The Hazimi may not drink at our wells. He knew that... Salaam.
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