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[Clyde has just been granted bail]
Rice: Your honour, I would caution you not to do that!
[Clyde laughs and claps]
Clyde: Thank you!
Judge: Excuse me?
Clyde: No, I don't think I will excuse you. [to everyone] You see, this is what I'm talkin' about. You are about to let me go - are you kidding me? This is why we're here in the first place. [everyone looks at him in surprise] You think I don't remember who you are, lady?
Judge: I would tread carefully, Mr. Shelton.
Clyde: Well how carefully should I tread!? Because apparently, I just killed two people! And you are about to let me walk right out that door! How misguided are you!? I feed you a couple of bullshit legal precedents, and there you go - you jump on it like a bitch in heat! [The judge indignantly bangs her gavel repeatedly] Folks, you all hang out in the same little club!
Judge: I'm warning you! Mr. Shelton! You will be held in contempt of this court!
Clyde: [continuing] And every day you let madmen and murderers back on the street! You're too busy treating the law like it's a ****ing assembly line!
Judge: One more time! One more time!
Clyde: Do you have any idea what justice is!? Whatever happened to right and wrong!?
Judge: You are now in contempt of court! Remove this man from my court.
Clyde: Christ! Whatever happened to right and wrong!? Whatever happened to the people!? Whatever happened to justice!?
Judge: Bail denied! Bail denied.
Clyde: [being led away] And I bet you take it up the ****in' ass! Bitch! See you later, Nick.
Judge: Bailiff...
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