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The Last Mimzy

The Last Mimzy quotes

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Jo Wilder
Larry White
Naomi Schwartz

View Quote Emma: We have to hurry, Noah.Noah: To what? Emma: I've got to show you something. [she get's out Through the Looking-Glass] Noah: Why are you showing me that?
Emma: Its about Alice, going through the Looking Glass. I think it explains what the machine is.
View Quote Jo Wilder: He's just started taking off all of a sudden, in the last month or so. His sister is highly gifted too.
Larry White: No, no, no, no — this is more than highly gifted. This is genius. He's going to win the National Science Fair.
View Quote Naomi: That's a very cute bunny.
Emma: She's Mimzy. She's my teacher. She teaches me everything. She taught me about the painting in the book. She told me it was called the Seven Mountains.
Jo Wilder: My daughter has a very active imagination. [sees the expression on Naomi's face] Oh, c'mon. That's not what it's called is it?
View Quote After being told by Emma's parents that she had levitated sugar into her father's bowl.
View Quote As they prepare to create the hyper-dimensional bridge needed for Mimzy's return.
View Quote Baby-sitter about Emma
View Quote Excellent question, Wendy. Why don't they do something? Why don't they stop it? Who is this "they" that Wendy is referring to I wonder? What do you think? "They" is all of us.
View Quote I don't understand. What do you mean? But I don't want the world to end, ever. I love the world. I don't want it to die.
View Quote I don't want Mimzy to die.
View Quote I looked through the looking glass Mommy. I looked through it. Just like Alice.
View Quote I need you Noah, you're my engineer.
View Quote Mimzy returned to her own time, as if time had stopped. It was what the scientist had hoped for — to find a soul in the past not contaminated by the pollutants that filled our bodies and minds. Our precious quality of humanity had been turned off, but in Emma's tears was the instruction for an awakening; and it spread like wildflowers. People shed their protective suits. And over time humanity blossomed again. Our world was saved by a child, very much like you. Emma was our mother, the mother of us all.
View Quote Now Noah, Make him go.
View Quote School sucks! Life sucks!
View Quote Scientist after seeing the circuitry of Mimzy.