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Land of the Dead

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View Quote Arena Policeman: What the hell is going on here?
Riley: Someone shot the little fat man.
Arena Policeman: Yes. I can see that.
View Quote Cholo: [a shot is fired] What the hell's that?
Brubaker: Oh, that's just target practice.
[scene cuts to soldiers]
Veteran Soldier: There's nothing there, man.
[he's attacked by Big Daddy and screams] Cholo: OK, so what the hell's that, screaming practice?
View Quote Kaufman: [Kaufman gets in his private underground limo, while his driver opens the garage door] Careful when you open that door.
[Big Daddy appears, and attempts to get into the limo. His driver sees this, and runs out the garage door, leaving Kaufman in the limo]
Driver: Goodbye, Mr. K!
Kaufman: Get back here, you bastard! You've got the ****ing keys!
View Quote Mike: It's like a bad dream.
Charlie: I have bad dreams. Hell, yes. Just look at me, you can tell I have terrible dreams.
View Quote Pillsbury: Yellow to red!
Motown: What the **** does a Samoan know about hot-wiring a ****ing car?
Pillsbury: 50,000 cars stolen in Samoa every year.
Motown: Well, a million in Detroit.
Pillsbury: Detroit has 50 million cars. Samoa, 50,000. Every one stolen.
View Quote Riley: Make sure she doesn't hurt herself.
Slack: I can take care of myself, ok?
Riley: Fine. Charlie, make sure she doesn't hurt anyone else.
View Quote Riley: [about the fireworks] Put some flowers in the graveyard.
Charlie: Put some flowers in the graveyard. How come you call them that, Riley? I don't get it. There here ain't the kind of flowers you lay on the ground, these here are sky flowers. Way up in heaven...
Riley: That's why I love you, Charlie, 'cause you still believe in heaven.
View Quote Riley: [Slack shoots open the door, startling him] What the **** are you doing?
Slack: I'm making myself useful!
View Quote Slack: Charlie, why do you lick your rifle?
Charlie: Catches the light.
Slack: What light? How can you see anything?
Charlie: Good eye.
View Quote Charlie: What happened, Riley, did you get ****ed?
Homeless man: Ha-ha! You got ****ed!
View Quote [Driver of "Dead Rekoning" about to shoot Big Daddy's group]
Riley: No. They're just looking for a place to go. Same as us.
View Quote [as Kaufman walks out of the elevator with two bags in his hands]
Board Member: What's in the bags?
Kaufman: Money.
Board Member: Whose money?
[Kaufman reaches for his gun]
Kaufman: Watch out, Get down! Quick!
[pulls him down and shoots him]
Kaufman: ...Ours.
[Riley calls and tells Kaufman that they have got Dead Reckoning and Cholo]
Kaufman: Its just, I've done something i wouldn't of done otherwise...
View Quote [over the phone]
Riley: The fences are still hot. We can't cut the juice from here.
Soldier: We've been trying to call the power station. There's no one left over there.
Soldier 2: [sees zombies advancing] We got to get the **** out of here!
Soldier: There's no one left here, either.
[hangs up and runs]
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View Quote In a world where the dead are returning to life, the word "trouble" loses much of its meaning.