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Lady in the Water

Lady in the Water quotes

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Cleveland Heep
Harry Farber
Opening narration

View Quote I am scared. It is about to get very dangerous.
View Quote Do you wish to know your future?
View Quote I don't know who you are — but you did something to me, to my thoughts — and everything became clearer. The fears that were muddling my thoughts just went away. I can hear myself.
View Quote I think you're someone very important to everyone.
View Quote Man thinks they are each alone in this world. It is not true. You are all connected. One act can one day affect all.
View Quote Once, man and those in the water were linked. They inspired us. They spoke of the future. Man listened and it became real. But man does not listen very well. Man's need to own everything led him deeper into land. The magic world of the ones that lived in the ocean and the world of men separated. Through the centuries, their world and all the inhabitants of it stopped trying. The world of man became more violent. War upon war played out, as there were no guides to listen to. Now those in the water are trying again — trying to reach us. A handful of their precious young ones have been sent into the world of man. They are brought in the dead of night — to where man lives. They need only be glimpsed — and the awakening of man will happen. But their enemies roam the land. There are laws that are meant to keep the young ones safe — but they are sent at great risk to their lives. Many do not return. Yet still they try — try to help man. But man may have forgotten how to listen.
View Quote There's a lot of things in The Cookbook people won't like to hear.
View Quote Anna: Mr. Heep is here. He has a friend. She's beautiful. She's not feeling too well... So she's lying down in my room.
Vick: Why is she here? Why isn't she at his place?
Anna: Well, she got sick in the stairwell downstairs. She is wearing no clothes under his shirt. Blim-blam. Mr. Heep is a playa!
View Quote Cleveland: H-how was the movie?
Farber: Sucked
Cleveland: Oh... what a shame.
Farber: Characters were walking around, saying their thoughts out loud. Who does that? And in a typical romance where the couple finally tell each other they love one another in the rain. Why does everyone like to stand around and talk in the rain in movies?
Cleveland: Um... well maybe it's a metaphor for purification; starting new.
Farber: No — it's not.
View Quote Cleveland: Tell me what happens when the eagle takes you back.
Story: It is only what I have been told by others. They tell us that the world will line up and reveal we are on the right path, that the universe will give us signs.
View Quote Cleveland: Where are you from?
Story: The Blue World.
Cleveland: Is that an apartment?
Story: Do you feel an awakening?
View Quote Cleveland: You have to believe that this all makes sense somehow.
Story: I don't know why I'm the Madam Narf. I'm not special. I'm clumsy, they make fun of me. I don't know how to lead.
Cleveland: Do you get sick every time that you break a rule? Every time that you tell me something you shouldn't?
Story: There is a storm coming. I am scared.
Cleveland: It's okay to be scared
Story: I do not have courage. I do not want to be a Madam Narf.
Cleveland: You do what you think is right. You are very brave. You were always meant to lead, Story.
View Quote Mr. Dury: This world is about finding your purpose, right? And the only way is to find your own voice — you told us that. I don't feel like an interpreter. Is it possible that isn't my purpose? I don't see anything in these words — and I didn't before. Finding one's purpose is a profound thing. Sometimes it isn't always what it seems. What if these young men are not the guild? Look at what happened at the party. These things haven't seemed right since the beginning. Why are you so certain that I am the interpreter and they are the guild?
Cleveland: He was so sure.
Mr. Dury: What?
Cleveland: I asked someone, he acted like he knew.
Mr. Dury: What kind of person would be so arrogant as to presume the intention of another human being? Who has put this young girl's life in jeopardy?
View Quote Mr. Leeds: Does mankind deserved to be saved?
Cleveland: What?
Mr. Leeds: Man?
Cleveland: [pauses] Yes.
Mr. Leeds: That's not the answer I expected.
View Quote Mr. Leeds: We can't just stand here playing make-believe. I wanted to believe, more than most. I wanted to be like a child again. I needed to believe there was something more than this awfulness around us, but at some point, we have to stop.
Young-Soon Choi: Mr. Leeds, it's time we prove that some stories are real!