N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z #

[Scamp, Tramp, and Angel have just escaped from the pound]
Scamp: Pop?
Tramp: Son.
Scamp: I'm so sorry. [sighs] I shouldn't have run away.
Tramp: [nuzzling Scamp] Whirlwind, maybe I was also being a little too tough on you. I don't see any harm in the two of us going down to the river once in a while to bay at the moon. What do ya say?
Scamp: [excited] Really? You and me?
Tramp: Your old man's still got a few good howls left in him.
Trusty: [sniffing] I found him. Oh, I found him for sure! This time, I found him!
Jock: Ach! You found nothing! Again! So far, you've found 6 cats, 3 gophers, 2 rabbits--
Scamp: Aw, go easy on him, Uncle Jock.
Jock: [not knowing] No, I'll not go easy on him, Scamp! 5 flyin' pigs, a wildebeest-- [suddenly shocked] Ach! Scamp?!
Trusty: [sniffs] Why, it is Scamp!
Jock: Aye! I'll never hear the end of this one either.
Tramp: [laughs] Ready to go home, Whirlwind?
Scamp: Not quite, Pop. There's one last thing I gotta take care of.
[Scamp returns to the junkyard]
Buster: [surprised to see Scamp] Do my eyes deceive me? Hey, Scamp! Scamp-a-doodle! You escaped the Pound!
Scamp: [furious at Buster after he refused to help him] Yeah, no thanks to you!
Buster: [thinking Scamp is joking] Hey, come on, you know our motto.
Scamp: You can keep your motto! [turns around and shakes his collar back on his neck] But not this. [his tag sparkles, happily sighs] I'm going home where I belong. [Tramp smiles at his son for doing the right thing]
Scamp: [chuckles] So long, Buster! [Jumps on a piece of wood with a boot on it]
Buster: [still thinking it's a joke, chuckles] Hey, ya missed, Scampalooza!
[looks up to see that the boot has loosened a pile of scrap which collapses right on top of him]
Tramp: [laughs triumphantly] That's my boy!
Scamp: Lets go home, pop!
Buster: [off-screen] I'll get-- Come back here! You can't leave me here! You're nothing but a house pet!
Angel: It's a good look for you, Buster. The garbage adds some class.
Buster: [stuck in the pile of scrap] Hey. Hey, someone wanna lend me a paw here?
Ruby: I think a home sounds nice.
Mooch: With lots of children and hugs and kisses.
Buster: [noticing the junkyard dogs leaving him behind] If you dogs leave, you're never comin' back.
Francois: Au revoir, Buster. It has been, as you say, beautiful.
Buster: [his last words] Dogs! You can't leave me here! I was only kidding. Buster's trouble, ain't Buster's trouble. Come on! Buster's trouble is everybody's trouble!
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