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[Scamp's in a dead end alley alone with a chicken he took from his family's 4th of July picnic]
Scamp: [sighs in relief and thinking he has evaded Tramp] Slick move. Lost him.
Tramp: [suddenly; out of nowhere] Don't bet on it. [Scamp turns around and sees Tramp he shows a scared look and notices a picket fence with a door behind him he runs and tries to open it but it's locked, now he's got nowhere to go and Tramp's walking closer toward him] [calm voice] Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hey, slow down there, Whirlwind.
Scamp: [cornered by Tramp and scared] I'm not going home! You can't make me!
Tramp: I know. I know. Easy. I just wanna talk, so um how ya' doin' out here?
Scamp: [calm and happy] It's great, Dad. The Junkyard Dogs have taught me all the tricks. I go wherever I want, do whatever I please. No chains, no fences--
Tramp: [interrupting] No regard for someone else's lunch? [makes Scamp look at the chicken]
Scamp: That's how it is out here on the streets. But then, you know all about that, don't you? You make the rules, Dad, but you didn't have to follow them when you were my age. Is that why you didn't tell me you were a street dog?
Tramp: I didn't want that life for you. Because I found something better. I found love.
Buster: [out of nowhere with the other junkyard dogs] Oh. Aw. Ain't that beautiful? I think I'm getting all misty-eyed here.
Tramp: I see you haven't changed a bit.
Buster: So, here we are again. Just like old times, before you turn your back on everything that makes a dog a dog.
Scamp: He says you walked out on him.
Tramp: After I met your mother, I guess Buster just got jealous.
Buster: You ditched me!
Tramp: I fell in love!
Buster: You made your choice! Now it's his turn to choose. [to Scamp] Come on, kid.
Scamp: [nervously] Uh...
Tramp: You don't know what he's really like, son. You're coming home.
Buster: You hear that, kid? Daddy's telling you what to do again.
Tramp: You don't belong here.
Buster: And he's leading you back to a life on the chain. I'm offering you freedom.
Angel: Scamp.
Tramp: Scamp.
Buster: Scamp.
Tramp: Scamp!
Buster: Make your choice, kid.
Tramp: [furiously] He doesn't have a choice! I know what's best for him! [Tramp tries to block Scamp, but Scamp jumps out of his way and runs towards Buster]
Scamp: No! You know what's best for you! [Tramp's shocked with what his son just said] Well, I'm not you, Dad! I'm a junkyard dog!
Buster: [laughs like a bully] That's my boy!
[Tramp then shows a defeated look, and Angel sighs, annoyed at Scamp's selfish attitude]
Tramp: [saddened] I guess there are some things you...have to learn on your own. When you've had enough...our door is always open. [starts to walk away]
Buster: [laughs ****ily] House dog to the end. What'd I tell ya, kid? You can't teach an old dog new tricks. [Scamp happily pants because he thinks he's getting what he wants]
[Tramp angrily looks back at Scamp, then turns toward the locked fence, picks the lock with his nose, and walks away. Everybody, even Scamp, gasps in shock. Buster blows his nose in riddance, then looks back at Scamp who's still staring at the opened fence toward Tramp who is now gone.]
Buster: Hey, Scamp-ski! This for all you've done, kid. [runs toward Scamp and yanks his collar off, Scamp drops to the ground and sees his collar on the ground] Ya did it, kid. You're at the top of the peek now, a junkyard dog!
Scamp: [excited, as if saying, "I don't believe this!"] I'm...I'm a junkyard dog.
Francois: You made it to the pack!
Ruby: You're a doll, doll face!
[Scamp runs back to the junkyard, celebrating his new life as a stray]
Scamp: I'M A JUNKYARD DOG! [he slides into a drawer and stops in front of Angel, who's angry at him for what he just did to Tramp and his own family.]
Angel: [angrily] How could you do that?
Scamp: C'mon, Angel.
Angel: He's your father, go after him. You're not like the rest of us. You're good and decent. Kind. The streets will beat that out of you if you stay!
Scamp: But I made it! This's everything that I've ever dreamed of.
Angel: Dreamed of what?! This?! [kicks a can full of garbage down, causing Scamp and the Junkyard Dogs to gasp in horror.] You have a home and a family that loves you! You're not like the rest of us, Scamp.
Buster: Oh, yeah, yeah, that's right. Let's see, uh, uh, he's good and decent and kind. Is that it, Scampy? [sniffles and sobs] You wanna be a widdle house doggie?
Scamp: [offended] No!
Buster: [angrily] 'Cause you know how I feel about house dogs!
Scamp: [protesting] Hey, cut it out! She's the one who wants to be a house dog, not me! [the Junkyard Dogs gasp in shock] Oh, no. I didn't mean that!
Buster: Is that true, Angel baby?
Angel: I don't think a family's so bad.
Buster: You hear that, boys? She wants to be a little house pet!
Francois: Oh, she wants to be a little house pet!
Mooch: Gonna wear ribbons.
Buster: You ain't no junkyard dog.
Angel: That's right, Buster, I'm not, Not anymore. Oh, and uh, I'm not your girl.
[the Junkyard Dogs gasp in horror.]
Francois: There's going to be trouble!
Angel: Maybe you do belong here. [flees]
Francois: Oh, come on! Where is your sense of humor?
Mooch: Come on, Angel!
Buster: Aw, who needs her? Let her go find some sniveling little family. That's where she belongs.
Scamp: [realizing his mistake] Angel. [runs off to find Angel]
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