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Lady: [To Tramp, worried about Scamp] Oh, Tramp, Scamp's never been out all night so much could happen.
Tramp: Hey, easy, Pidge. We'll find him before he gets him self in real trouble.
Trusty: [coming in through the fence] Oh, miss Lady, ma'am?
Jock: [also coming in through the fence, but gets stuck] We came as soon as we heard. [struggles, and finally gets through the fence.]
Annette, Collette, and Danielle: Uncle Jock! Uncle Trusty!
Annette and Collette: Scamp ran away!
Danielle: What they said!
Trusty: Not to worry, little ladies. Got my grandpappy Ol' Reliable's keen sense of smell. [sniffs] Say, have I ever told you girls about the time I saved your father from certain death?
Annette and Collette: No.
Danielle: [foolishly] Yep.
[Annette and Collette look at her angrily, Danielle looks at them with a puzzled expression]
Jock: Ach! Here he goes,again. I told you, there'll be no living with him.
Danielle: [chuckles] That Scamp is going to get into so much trouble when he gets home! [giggles]
Collette: [scoffs] I don't even want him back!
Annette: [agreeing with Colette] Yeah, who cares? He should know better than to run off.
Danielle: [Chuckles again] I bet he gets a slipper right across his great, big, fat...! [looks up at Lady who has an stern look. Danielle nervously laughs, pretending to care about Scamp] We really do miss him, Mom. [nervously smiles]
Tramp: We'll be back with your brother in no time. Your old man's got the speed and cunning dog half his age. [clumsily jumps on the dog house, Annette, Collette, and Danielle are chuckling, and Lady and Trusty are also smiling] [kidding around] Just using a few forgottin' muscles, that's all.
Jim Dear: [fixing to go search for Scamp] Lady, Tramp, let's go!
Tramp: [seriously] Come on! No telling what mischief that pup's getting into.
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