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View Quote And he's standing there with this tape in his hand, and I go, "What's that?"  And he goes, "It's the master cut to my new album.  Can I put it on the stereo?"  And I go, "Yeah, and turn it up!  Up, up, up!"  ('Cause I listen to music really loud.)  And I look at him and I go, "Oh, my God.  Oh, my God."  And I almost started crying.  I mean, at—not from happiness—from fear.  It was fear.  And I just went, "This is going to change everything."  And I said, "You better buckle up, 'cause you are not ready for this."
View Quote Courtney Love:  I can't—I know it's not even like I can't trust you; it's just, you can't trust men in general, even if they're "new men," and they're—they're you.  And even if they're like you, you still can't trust them.Kurt Cobain:  I understand what you're trying to say, but I don't agree.Courtney Love:  You just—Kurt Cobain:  I'm a "new man," I'm a man for the '90s!
View Quote It's almost like he didn't—he didn't feel worthy because he was rejected, basically.  And I don't know how anybody deals with having your whole family reject you.
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View Quote And I think there's one thing that I said at one time, that I was never gonna get married again.  And I think he took that for a word.  Then I met Jennifer, and we got married, and, you know, he had a step-brother and -sister and then our son, Chad.
View Quote And if you say your prayersYou will make God happy
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View Quote …and nodding out and…I was pretty sure he knew I knew.  But I decided one time to just confront him.  And I went up to his bedroom; he was sitting on the side of his bed, and he was crying, because I had just arrived and he knew it was breaking my heart.
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