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Kung Fu Panda: Secrets of the Masters

Kung Fu Panda: Secrets of the Masters quotes

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View Quote [Excited, Po spots a nearby silver sword on a stand and runs over to it]
Po: Look, the sword Master Ox used to defeat the Macau Marauders! [He picks up the sword and plays with it a little bit] I had no idea it was so shiny!
Tigeress: Put that back!
[Po puts the sword back and moves on to the bamboo staff standing next to it]
Po: And the staff Master Rhino used to liberate the village of Wenshen! [He playfully swings the staff around as if fighting off villains] I had no idea it was so staffy!
Mantis: Staffy?
[Po puts the staff back and spots a hanging purple cape with a white emblem]
Po: No way! And the cape Master Croc used for... for... [He falters] Well I don't know what he used it for, but let me tell you something... it made him look really cool.
Tigress: Goodnight Po!
[With Mantis on her shoulder, Tigress begins walking away. Po notices them leaving and runs after them]
Po: Come on! How can you even think of going back to sleep when this close to.. [He suddenly gasps upon catching sight of a large black container, it's metal doors wide open to reveal an empty space] The Sarcophagus of Su Wu!
[Tigress and Mantis glance at Po in confusion]
Tigress: Su what?
Po: Wu!
Mantis: Who?
Po: Su Wu!
Tigress: Who's Su?
Mantis: No clue!
Po: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa... you haven't heard of the Wu Sisters?
[Tigress and Mantis shrug]