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Kung Fu Panda: Secrets of the Furious Five

Kung Fu Panda: Secrets of the Furious Five quotes

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View Quote [Po and Shifu are racing each other up the palace stairs]
Master Shifu: Are you ready?
Po: Ready's my middle name!
[Po speeds off ahead, and beats Shifu to their destination: the entrance doors to the Training Hall's courtyard. Po and Shifu put their backs to the door. Po pauses to catch his breath]
Po: So what have we got? A gang of terrible rhinos? Crocs? Rabid wolves? Let's do it!
Master Shifu: Be warned: This may be the toughest challenge you will ever have to face.
[Po chuckles in anticipation. Then he blasts into the courtyard with a flying kick]
Po: Get ready to feel the THUNDA... eh?
[Instead of rabid wolves, the courtyard is full of rambunctious little rabbit children. Shifu follows Po inside]
Master Shifu: Introduction to kung fu class.
[Po watches several children beating up a training dummy, which has been redesigned to look like Po. The real Po winces as one of the children delivers a flying kick to the dummy's head]
Po: Can I use the Wuxi Finger Hold on them?
Master Shifu: [pause] I'd try not to. Remember Po, each generation teaches the next one, and so the art of kung fu lives on; in you, and now in these... [A rabbit flies past them and crashes off-screen] uh... delightful children. [Shifu speeds outside]
Po: What?
Master Shifu: Good luck. [slams the doors shut, trapping Po inside]
[Not expecting this challenge at all, Po rushes to the door and sees Shifu walking away through a crack]
Po: Wait a second! Master Shifu! Master Shi- come on! Auugh. [gulps and slowly approaches the students] Okay, if you'll just take a seat... er, hello? [The rabbits continue to play-fight] Hey, settle down now... [no response] Okay, er...
[Po spots a nearby gong and strikes it with a flying kick, getting the students' attention at last]
Po: Get those cotton tails on the floor!
Rabbit Children: The Dragon Warrior!
[The students rush over and sit on the floor in front of Po]
Po: Thank you...