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View Quote (being questioned) He's an alt-right dipstick troll.
View Quote Lieutenant Elliott: That... was the dumbest car chase of all time.
View Quote Benoit Blanc: Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to request that you all stay until the investigation is completed.
Linda Drysdale: What?
Joni Thrombey: Can we ask why? Has something changed?
Benoit Blanc: No...
Joni Thrombey: No, it hasn't changed, or no, we can't ask?
View Quote Benoit Blanc: This is a twisted web, and we are not finished untangling it, not yet.
Ransom Drysdale: What is this, CSI: KFC?
View Quote Marta Cabrera: I've never been to a will reading before.
Benoit Blanc: You'd think it'd be like a game show, but think of a community production of a tax return.
View Quote Marta Cabrera: What was that about will readings being boring?
Benoit Blanc: The exception that proves the rule.
View Quote Marta Cabrera: You're not much of a detective, are you?
Benoit Blanc: Well, to be fair, you make a pretty lousy murderer.
View Quote Ransom Drysdale: That's some heavy-duty conjecture.
Walt Thrombey: Funny, Ransom, you skipped the funeral, but you're early for the will reading.
Ransom Drysdale: Up your ass.
Meg Thrombey: Oh, very nice!
Ransom Drysdale: Matter of fact, eat shit. How's that? [pointing to each family member who is shouting at him] Eat shit, eat shit, eat shit... definitely eat shit... We gotta do this more often.
View Quote [Harlan reveals to Richard that he is aware that he has been cheating on Linda with another woman, having just shown Richard pictures on his laptop catching him in the act. Richard angrily closes the laptop.]
Harlan Thrombey: I've put all of it in this letter to her. Tomorrow, she gets it.
Richard Drysdale: Harlan, I'm warning you.
Harlan Thrombey: No. She deserves to know.
Richard Drysdale: You stay out of my marriage.
Harlan Thrombey: She deserves to know and you're gonna tell her.
Richard Drysdale: THE HELL I AM!!!
Harlan Thrombey: YOU TELL HER OR I WILL!!!
View Quote [to Marta] Were you boinking my father?
View Quote But the complexity and the gray lie not in the truth, but what you do with the truth once you have it.
View Quote I spoke in the car about the hole at the center of this donut. And yes, what you and Harlan did that fateful night seems at first glance to fill that hole perfectly. A donut hole in the donut's hole. But we must look a little closer. And when we do, we see that the donut hole has a hole in its center – it is not a donut hole at all, but a smaller donut with its hole, and our donut is not whole at all!
View Quote I suspect foul play. I have eliminated no suspects.
View Quote It describes the path of a projectile determined by natural law. Et voila, my method. I observe the facts without biases of the head or heart. I determine the arc's path, stroll to its terminus and the truth falls at my feet.
View Quote It's a weird case from the start. A case with a hole in the center. A donut.