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[As he is talking to King George VI, Lionel hears his wife returning home]
Lionel Logue: Myrtle!
King George VI: It's all right.
[Lionel moves to the corner of the room, while Elizabeth calmly continues to sip her tea]
Lionel Logue: [Motioning] Bertie, over here.
King George VI: Are you all right, Logue?
Lionel Logue: Yes.
King George VI: [getting up and moving to Logue's corner] Well, shouldn't we go through? What is it?
'[Myrtle Logue enters the living room, and looks into Lionel's study. Not seeing them, she turns round, and is confronted with the sight of Queen Elizabeth sitting at her table]
Myrtle Logue: [lost for words] You're... You're..!
Queen Elizabeth: It's "Your Majesty" the first time. After that, it's "ma'am." As in "ham." Not "mum" as in "palm."
Lionel Logue: I haven't told her about us. Sit down, relax.
[In the living room]
Queen Elizabeth: I'm told that your husband calls my husband "Bertie," and my husband calls your husband "Lionel." I trust you won't call me "Liz?"
Myrtle Logue: [nervously curtsying] Your majesty, you may call me "Mrs. Logue," ma'am.
Queen Elizabeth: [holding out her hand to shake] Very nice to meet you, Mrs. Logue.
[In the office]
King George VI: Logue, we can't stay here all day.
Lionel Logue: Yes we can. I have to choose the right moment.
King George VI: Logue, you're being a coward.
Lionel Logue: You're damn right.
King George VI: [Getting up and opening the door] Get out there, man!
Lionel Logue: [leaving the office] Hello, Myrtle, darling. You're early. I believe you two have met. But I don't think you know... King George VI.
King George VI: It's very nice to meet you.
Myrtle Logue: [nervously curtsying again] Will their Majesties be staying to dinner?
Queen Elizabeth: [seeing her unease] We would love to, such a treat, but alas... a previous engagement. What a pity.

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