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King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword quotes

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Mischief John
Sir Bedivere
The Lady of the Lake

View Quote Arthur: So what happens now?
Vortigern: You know what happens now. You're quickly becoming a legend.
View Quote Back Lack: What a waste of brandy.
Arthur: But doesn't it make the palace burn well?
View Quote Goosefat Bill: Leave him with me, boss.
Arthur: Put your ring back on honey-tits, you haven't had enough porridge this morning to talk like that. And if you want that sword so much, your lordship, you can keep it... to peel your grapes.
Goosefat Bill: Now, that would have hurt a lot more if I'd left the ring on.
View Quote Goosefat Bill: You've made quite a celebrity of yourself among the Blackleg ranks.
Bedivere: You've done very nicely on the back of your cozy relationship with your King's men.
Arthur: I'm a little old for finger-wagging and speeches. So unless you're my dad, which... I believe is unlikely, can you just get around to telling me exactly what it is you want?
View Quote The Mage: Pick it up. Pick it up with both hands.
Arthur: YOU pick it up.
View Quote The Mage: You know what we have to do. In order for him to control Excalibur, he needs to go to the Darklands.
Bedivere: That's not happening.
Bedivere: Welcome to the Darklands...
The Mage: He needs to take the sword to the tower.
Bedivere: Give me another way.
The Mage: There is no other way. And he has to go alone.
Bedivere: He can't survive the Darklands alone!
The Mage: You don't want all of him to survive, that's the point. You have to break his old self completely, wear him down. You want him to think big? Give him something big to think about.
Bedivere: You're playing with fire, mage. And I'm not killing the king before he's even become one!
View Quote Vortigern: You and I have a lot more in common than you think. It's not just the same blood we share, but also the same interests. We both developed a palate for power.
Arthur: I've never had any power, or any desire to achieve it. Sire, I could simply drift away never to be seen again.
Vortigern: As much as I would like to believe you, your character makes that unlikely.
View Quote [to Arthur] I know your story. What kind of a man would you have become had you inherited your father's kingdom instead of being raised in a brothel? What gave you such drive?
View Quote [to Vortigern] You wanted to know what gave me such drive? It was you. You put me in that brothel. You cut me on the streets. I am here now because of you. You created me. And for that, I bless you. You make sense of the devil.
View Quote Anything that you do to me will be repaid 10 times in kind. Now, you're a big man. Now, let's see you move.
View Quote I see you’re trying to get me to do something razzle-dazzle with that sword. I'm not getting drawn into this mess. There's an army of you, there's only one of me. I've talked, I'm happy to talk, but there is no way... that I am fighting.
View Quote It should be clear by now that whatever you and your friends think I am, I am not it.
View Quote It was Vortigern who murdered your father, but what you didn't account for is what you can do with his sword.
View Quote It's quite dangerous being one of you lot, isn't it? You're good with animals, aren't you? They have a word for that, don't they? Mage... I thought your team was outlawed. Never met one of you in the flesh. I thought you'd be taller... and have a beard.
View Quote Let me show you what your uncle will do if you do not accept. This sword… Only you can prevent this. He must be met where sword meets tower. Trust the Mage. Take it.