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Kim Possible Movie: So the Drama

Kim Possible Movie: So the Drama quotes

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View Quote Brick Flagg: Possible and the new guy got the funk.
Bonnie: Shut up.
Brick: Okay.
View Quote Computer: Are you sure you wish to delete file "Hephaestus"?
Dr. Drakken: NO!
Dr. James Possible: Yes!
Computer: Dr. Possible voice-print access granted.
Dr. Drakken: You deleted it! Are you mad?!
Dr. James Possible: No worries. [taps his forehead] Got it all up here.
Dr. Drakken: [grins] Well, good news then! Because I have a brain-tap machine, and I'm just dying to use it!
View Quote Dr. James Possible: My teenage daughter is not afraid of you, why should I be... Drew?
Dr. Drakken: AH! I hate it when you call me that! I am not the man you knew in college, Possible!
Dr. James Possible: Still can't get a date though, I bet.
Dr. Drakken: RRGHH! Why is it every Possible I capture feels the need to give me lip? Doesn't anyone respect the traditional captive-captor relationship anymore?! Has society just gone completely to seed?!
View Quote Drakken: This is not over! It can't be over!
Ron: (closing door to police van) Deal with it, dude. It's over. (van leaves)
Kim: You know, Ron, we better hurry... [gives Ron a loving look]
Ron: Hurry where?
Kim: [grabs Ron's hand and runs] You'll see.
View Quote Monique: Is that Brick over there, flirting with the girl at Earring World?
Bonnie: He's HYPNOTIZED by her Big Hoops!
View Quote Ron: Sumo Ninja?!
Sumo Ninja: (deep, threatening voice) I am strong like the mountain!
Ron: That is sick and wrong!
Sumo Ninja: I am your doom!
[Ron and Rufus discover an "evil plot" at Bueno Nacho]
Lars: I beg your pardon?!
Lars: No, we've got more in the back!
Ron: You took away the bendy-straws!
[Rufus and Ned smack themselves in the head]
Lars: You, sir, have lost it!
View Quote Ron: There are guys out there that are better for you than Erik... guys that are real, for one thing.
Kim: Do you really think there's a guy out there for me?
Ron: Out there... in here...
Kim: (realizing what he means) Oh... really?
Ron: Sure, y'know, guys like- [Rufus pops out] Rufus?
View Quote Sumo Ninja: [high squeaky voice, from getting a wedgie earlier] I shall be avenged!
[Kim and Ron both giggle uncontrollably]
Sumo Ninja: What?
Ron: Dude, don't talk. The funny voice? Yeah, it kind of ruins your mystique.
Sumo Ninja: [same voice] I am strong like the mountain! I am swift like the wind! I am vengeance!
View Quote Tim: (with megaphone) Attention please!
Jim: (also with megaphone) We've detected cooties in the area!
Tim: (also with megaphone) Repeat, cooties in the area!
Jim: (also with megaphone) This can only mean one thing...
Tim and Jim: (with megaphone) Kim's got a boyfriend!
View Quote (Drakken tries to get away but Ron trips him)
Ron: Taking over the world is one thing... But you ruined Bueno Nacho! You're gonna pay!
Drakken: You can't be serious...
Ron: Note. Serious. Face.
Drakken: Oh please - your name escapes me - Oh, I beg of you!
Ron: Say my name! (Gets closer) Say it!
Drakken: It's... Errm... (Struggles to remember) ...Stoppable!
Ron: (satisfied) Booyah!
View Quote (Last lines: the people at prom are watching a news report on Kim and Ron's victory)
News Reporter: And so, thanks to teen hero Kim Possible, the worldwide Diablo destruction is itself disabled.
Brick: Possible shoots, she scores!
Monique: Straight up! (high fives Brick)
Bonnie: (annoyed) Excuse me!
Brick: Oh you're excused. Hey, while you're gone I'll hang with Monique.
Monique: Me like. (Bonnie growls)
(Kim and Ron walk into the dance holding hands)
Bonnie: It finally happened! She's dating that loser! Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable are dating! (Laughs loudly)
(the others, however, instead of mocking them, they cheer on them)
View Quote [on Prom Night]
Mrs. Dr. Possible: Kimmy? There's a very handsome young man here for you.
Dr. James Possible: [stern] Let's get a few things clear, right up front...
Eric: Oh, you read my mind, sir. Now, Kim explained that her normal curfew is ten o'clock, but that on special occasions and rescue missions, you extend that to eleven. I'd feel better if we stick with ten.
Dr. James Possible: [surprised and pleased] Really? Ha-ha, this young man has got it goin' on!
View Quote [Ron breaks down as Kim's relationship with Eric blossoms, and he is wedged into a corner by the horde of kids at Bueno Nacho. Agitated, he seizes a news reporter's mike and yells at the camera]
Ron: I can't even get to the counter to order! This used to be my place! MINE! I'M LOSING EVERYTHING I EVER CARED ABOUT!
Jim Possible: Ron's on TV!
Tim Possible: And he's freaking out!
Mrs. Dr. Possible: Honey, I think the boys are right.
Dr. James Possible: Hmm, Ronald, freaking?
[He looks at the TV, seeing Ron being dragged out of Bueno Nacho, wrestling with the reporter over her mike]
Dr. James Possible: [chuckling] Oh, so he is.
Shego: You know what I really hate!?
Kim: When somebody kidnaps your boyfriend?
Shego: When somebody doesn't know when to give up!
(Shego and Kim spar and Kim protects herself from her green plasma blasts by erecting a light blue dome-shaped shield)
Shego: Ooh. Kimmy got an upgrade.
Kim: Not bad, huh?
Shego: Yeah, but still not in my league. Like I said. What!?
(Hurts Kim on her left arm, but the battle suit heals itself and the cut, leaving its wearer unscathed)
Kim: You were saying!?
Kim: You know what I really hate?
Shego: That your date melted?
Kim: Nah. You.
View Quote (grabbing either Jim or Tim's megaphone) Cootie Alert!
View Quote [about Jim & Tim, after smashing two rockets they let loose in the house]: This is what happens when a rocket scientist and a brain surgeon reproduce.