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Taylor Brooks

View Quote Harold Jameson: It's beautiful
Taylor Brooks: Course it's beautiful, did you think I'd take you to an ugly mountain?
View Quote Harold Jameson: What about, uh, Dallas? What's his name? What's his problem?
Taylor Brooks: Dallas Woolf. We went to Law School together. He was good in the classroom... I was better in the courtroom. There's no contest in the bedroom!
View Quote Taylor Brooks: I didn't make the world the way it is, Harold. I'm just trying to get through it, as fast and as clean as possible.
Harold Jameson: [after staring straight at him for 5 seconds] We ALL make the world the way it is.
Taylor Brooks: Yeah, well, we know who made this.
[Taylor tosses his unfinished bowl of oatmeal into the pot and exits the tent]
View Quote Taylor Brooks: If you ask me, it costs too much.
Harold Jameson: What?
Taylor Brooks: Love. It's way overpriced.
View Quote Taylor Brooks: Mrs. Perkins, dinner tonight?
Pam Perkins: What about it?
Taylor Brooks: Have it with me.
Pam Perkins: No.
Taylor Brooks: C'mon! Why not?
Pam Perkins: Look Mr. Brooks, I already have a date.
Taylor Brooks: Break it! Overtime.
Pam Perkins: Thanks. But I never shit where I eat.
Taylor Brooks: Oooh. I wasn't aware, Mrs. Perkins, you shit at all!
View Quote Taylor Brooks: What the hell is goin' on?
Phillip Claiborne: Just lost the porters.
Takane Shimuzu: What are we going to do now?
Taylor Brooks: **** them. We don't need them, we are taking it by ourselves.
Dallas Woolf: That's 7 tons of gear. When you wanna do this, before or after you get dressed?
View Quote Taylor Brooks: You climatizing, Harold?
Harold Jameson: Good news or bad news when you bleed from your ears?
Taylor Brooks: Good news.
View Quote [to Harold] H! **** the rules! [starts climbing a building]