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Diana Prince: They called him Steppenwolf, the end of worlds. He lived only to conquer. Millions fell before his blade, or rose again as his Parademons. Nightmare creatures who feed on fear.
Bruce Wayne: Yeah, I think I met one. We didn't hit it Off.
Diana Prince: Here in Gotham?
Bruce Wayne: They're all over. They're looking for his… boxes?
Diana Prince: The Mother Boxes.
Bruce Wayne: Mother Boxes. I guess Steppenwolf took the one your people were guarding. That leaves two more.
Diana Prince: I'm impressed.
Bruce Wayne: Don't be. I have no idea what's in them. A weapon? Some kind of power?
Diana Prince: They don't contain power. They ARE power. Carried from planet to planet, the Mother Boxes combine to form the unity. An apocalyptic power that not only destroys worlds, but transforms them into the primordial hellscape of Steppenwolf's birth world. We should have died. But we formed our own unity. Amazons, Atlanteans, all the tribes of men fought side by side. Warriors of legend, allies from other worlds, even the gods themselves all acted as one. Laying down their lives to drive Steppenwolf away. Some say it drove him mad. The disgrace of his first retreat. He swore our alliance would crumble. That darkness would cover the Earth. And that he would return when it did. Left behind, the Mother Boxes were too dangerous to be kept together. One was entrusted to the Amazons. One to the Atlanteans. Both sealed and guarded in secure strongholds. The Box of Men was buried in secret so that no tribe would be tempted to use its power over another. Such harmony out of such horror. It was truly an Age of Heroes.
Bruce Wayne: Something tells me we're not getting the band back together.
Diana Prince: The Atlanteans were forced undersea, and the Amazons to an island they can never leave.
Bruce Wayne: Well, I wouldn't count on the tribes of men. We tend to act like the Doomsday Clock has a snooze button. How long until--
Diana Prince: --Days. At most. Steppenwolf's mistake last time was attacking us. He wanted to make the Earth kneel before he destroyed us.
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