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Just Go with It

Just Go with It quotes

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View Quote Devlin: So, where's Danny?
Katherine: Devlin, Danny is at his wedding.
Devlin: Come again?
Katherine: I was never married to him. All a big lie I made up.
Devlin: Why?
Katherine: Because I couldn't stand the thought of you knowing the truth.
Devlin: Really?
Katherine: So, yeah. I'm a single mother. I have two kids I love more than anything in the world. I drive a Honda, I still have dial-up internet. I got a 2.7 GPA in college, not a 3.4. And while I'm at it telling the truth, I name my kids' poop after you. And I work for Danny. I'm his assistant. That's it.
Devlin: Really? I would never have guessed this. I mean, you two had a real connection.
Katherine: He's great, he's the greatest guy, and I might even be in love with him, but it really doesn't matter at this moment because he is getting married to another person, right now.
Devlin: Ian and I are breaking up.
Katherine: What? What happened?
Devlin: Well for starters, he's gay. I mean, look at him .
Ian: [with a group of sailors] That's a strong muscle, right there. I'm squeezin'.
Katherine: Devlin, I gotta tell you, last night, with the ass grab of the coconut, little bit of a red flag.
Devlin: I've seen him do that with the soap.
Katherine: Oh! What about the iPod?
Devlin: He didn't invent shit. He made his money suing the Dodgers after he got hit by a foul ball.
Katherine: [laughs] Oh God! So what?
Devlin: Well, this is different?
Katherine: Yeah, I mean, why didn't we try this truth telling thing before?
Devlin: I don't know.
[They hug. Devlin sees Danny behind Katherine]
Danny: Aww, that's nice. It's nice to tell the truth. The truth is fun, isn't it? Like were you telling the truth when you said you might be in love with me?
Devlin: I'm gonna leave you two. Gotta go get a divorce.