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The Jungle Book

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View Quote (a little later on)

Col. Hathi: Well, a new recruit, eh? (chuckles) I say, what happened to your trunk?

Mowgli: Hey! Stop that!

Col. Hathi (gasps, sputters): A man cub! (picking up Mowgli with trunk) Oh, this is treason! Sabotage! I'll have no man cub in my jungle! (puts him down on ground)

Mowgli: It's not your jungle!
View Quote (after Mowgli, lured by Shanti the Girl, enters the man-village for the first time)
Baloo: He's hooked.
Bagheera: Ah, it was inevitable, Baloo. The boy couldn't help himself. It was bound to happen. Mowgli is where he belongs now.
Baloo: Yeah. I guess you're right. But I still think he'd have made one swell bear.
View Quote (as Mowgli, later in the film, tearfully mourns Baloo)
Bagheera: Mowgli, try to understand.
Mowgli: Bagheera, what's the matter with him?
Bagheera: You've got to be brave, like Baloo was.
Mowgli: Y-you don't mean... Oh, no. Baloo.
Bagheera: Now, now. I know how you feel. But you must remember, Mowgli: “Greater love hath no one than he who lays down his life for his friend.” [As the panther speaks, Baloo opens his eyes.] When great deeds are remembered in this jungle, one name will stand above all others: our friend, Baloo the Bear.
Baloo (sniffling): He's cracking me up.
Bagheera: The memory of Baloo's sacrifice and bravery will forever be engraved on our saddened hearts.

Baloo: Beautiful.
Bagheera: This spot where Baloo fell will always be a hallowed place in the jungle, for there lies one of nature's noblest creatures.
Baloo (still sniffling): I wish my mother could have heard this.
Bagheera: It's best we leave now. Come along, man-cub.
Baloo: ... Hey, Baggy-buddy, you were doing great! Tell us more! Lots more!
Bagheera: (sees Baloo still alive) WHY, YOU... BIG... FRAUD!!
View Quote (at night)
Mowgli: Bagheera... (yawning) I'm getting a little sleepy. Shouldn't we start back home?
Bagheera: Mowgli, this time we're not going back. I'm taking you to a man-village.
Mowgli: But why?
Bagheera: Because Shere Khan has returned to this part of the jungle, and he has sworn to kill you.
Mowgli: Kill me? But why would he want to do that?
Bagheera: He hates man. And Shere Khan is not going to allow you to grow up to become a man--just another hunter with a gun.
Mowgli: Aw, we'll just explain to him that I'd never do a thing like that.
Bagheera: Nonsense. No one explains anything to Shere Khan.
Mowgli: Well, maybe so, but I'm not afraid. And besides...
Bagheera: Now, that's enough! We'll spend the night here, things will look better in the morning.
View Quote (during the inspection of the Jungle Patrol)
Winifred: March, march, march. My feet are killing me.
Elephant #1: I'm putting in for a transfer to another herd.
View Quote (Mowgli sees Shanti the Girl for the first time)
Mowgli: What's that?
Bagheera: The man-village.
Mowgli: No. I mean that.
Baloo: You don't want to mess with those. They ain't nothin' but trouble.
View Quote [Bagheerah is taking Mowgli back to the man-village.. And Mowgli refuses to go, they decide to sleep in a tree for the night. Kaa, he python sees two new guests in his tree, and decides Mowgli will make a tasty man-cub morsel.]
Kaa: (trying to scare Mowgli into submission) S-s-say now...
[Mowgli looks at Kaa for a moment, sticks out his tongue at Kaa, and looks away] What have we here?
[Kaa turns his head to face Mowgli's face]... it's a man-cub.
(licks lips)
[Mowgli turns the opposite dirrection again, and Kaa follows his face]
A delis-s-sious man-cub.
Mowgli : [pushing Kaa's head out of his face] Oh, go away, and leave me alone!
Bagheera : (with his eyes closed, believing Mowgli is talking to him) Oh, now, that's just what I should do but, I'm not. (yawns) Oh, now..PLEASE go to sleep, man-cub. (exhales tiringly)
Kaa: (thinking "Go to sleep, man-cub", that's it!) Yes-s-s, Man-cub. (starts to hypnotize Mowgli) Plee-ee-ease, go to slee-eep. Please go to slee-eep. (Mowgli is staring deeply into Kaa's eyes, and slowly falling under his spell. Putting him into a deathly sleep) Ss-sleep tight lit-tle man-cub. Re-e-esst in peac-sse. [wrapping his long cils around Mowgli's tiny body to prevent any resistance to his spell]
(Mowgli is dizzy from constantly staring into Kaa's eyes, and almost closes them eith exhaustion, but Mowgli still knows he's in danger, so he opens his eyes widely only to look once again, deep into Kaa's hypnotic gaze making him close his eyes again. So Kaa moves closer to enhance the effect) Slee-eep. Sleeeeeeeeep...
Mowgli: (yawning with exhaustion, trying to remember who was with him from before) Oh, oh, uhm. Bah-b-b-bug-gerah! (gulps hard because Kaa's coil reached Mowgli's neck and squeezed tightly around it, cuting off Mowgli's ability to speak. Now Mowgli is tired, unable to move or speak, and is now only thinking about how much he wants to go to sleep)
Bagheera: (still with his eyes closed) Now, look there's no use arguing anymore. (yawns) now, no more talk till morning.
Kaa: Ha-ha. He won't be here in the morning.(Happy at the fact that Mowgli is now asleep, and ready to be eaten by the hungry snake.)
Bagheera: (sleepily seeing Kaa) Oh, yes, he will, I... (Fully awake now, he does a double take as Kaa is about to eat Mowgli.) KAA! HOLD IT, KAA! (He slaps the snake with his paw, slamming his head against a tree branch above and thus freeing Mowgli from Kaa's spell.)
Kaa: (groaning) Oh, my s-s-sinus! (He glares at Bagheera) You have just made a s-s-serious-s-s mis-stake, my friend. A very s-s-stupid...
Bagheera: (apologetically) N-n-now, Kaa, I meant...
Kaa: ...mis-stake! (Bagheera closes his eyes) Look me in the eyes when I'm speaking to you. (Bagheera opens one of his eyes which Kaa instantly hypnotizes; Bagheera starts to fall under Kaa's spell)
Bagheera: N-n-now, Kaa...
Kaa: Both eyes, if you please. (Bagheera's other eye opens and he is fully hypnotized) You have jus-st s-s-sealed your doooooom. (Unbeknownst to him, however, Mowgli has freed himself from the snake's coils and shoved them off the tree. Kaa falls out of the tree)