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Bagheera: And furthermore, Mowgli seems to have man's ability to get into trouble, and your influence hasn't been exactly--
Baloo: Shhh! Keep it down 'cause you're gonna wake up Li'l Buddy. Well, he's had a big day that it was a real sockaroo. You know that it ain't easy learnin' to be like me.
Bagheera: Puh! A disgraceful performance; associating with those undesirable, scatterbrained apes. Huh. I hope he learned something from that experience.
Mowgli: [sighs, singing in his sleep] Scooby-dooby-dooby-doo.
Baloo: Ha-ha. That's my boy.
Bagheera: Oh, nonsense. [Baloo puts leaves under Mowgli's head.] Baloo? Get over here. I'd like to have a word with you.
Baloo: A word? You gonna talk some more? [yawns] All right, what's up, Bagheera?
Bagheera: Baloo, the Man-Cub must go back to the Man Village. The jungle is not the place for him.
[Baloo eats some grapes from a tree]
Baloo: I grew up in the jungle. Take a look at me.
Bagheera: Yes, just look at yourself. Look at that eye. [Baloo looks himself in the river and sees that he has a black eye.]
Baloo: Yeah. It's beautiful, ain't it?
Bagheera: Frankly, you're a disreputable sight.
Baloo: Well, you don't look exactly like a basket of fruit, yourself. [Bagheera looks himself in the river and sees that he, too, has a black eye.]
Bagheera: D'oh! [clears his throat] Baloo, you can't adopt Mowgli as your son.
Baloo: Why not?
Bagheera: Uh.... how can I put it? [Baloo eats a handful of grapes] Baloo, birds of a feather should flock together. [Baloo shrugs] You wouldn't marry a panther, would you?
Baloo: I don't know. [chuckling] Come to think of it, no panther ever asked me!
Bagheera: [flustered] Baloo, y-y-you've got to be serious about this--
Baloo: [seriously] Oh, stop worryin', Baggy. Stop worryin', I'll take care of him.
Bagheera: Yes, like you did when the monkeys kidnapped him, huh?
Baloo: Can a guy make one mistake?
Bagheera: Not in the jungle. And another thing; sooner or later, Mowgli will meet Shere Khan.
Baloo: [suddenly very shocked] The tiger? What's he got against the kid?
Bagheera: He hates man with a vengeance, you know that! Because he fears Man's gun and Man's fire.
Baloo: But little Mowgli don't have those things.
Bagheera: Shere Khan won't wait until he does. He'll get Mowgli while he remains young and helpless. [raises a paw at Baloo] Just one swipe--!
Baloo: Oh! Well, well, what are we going to do?
Bagheera: [seeing that Baloo is now just as worried about Mowgli as he is] We'll do what's best for the boy.
Baloo: You better believe it. You name it, and I'll do it.
Bagheera: Good. Then make Mowgli go to the Man Village.
Baloo: [furiously] Are you outta your mind?! I promised him that he could stay here in the jungle with me!
Bagheera: Well, that's just the point! As long as he remains with you, he's in danger. So, it's up to you.
Baloo: Why me?
Bagheera: Be-Because he won't listen to me!
Baloo: [humbled] But I love that kid. [sniffles] I loved him like he was my own cub.
Bagheera: Then, think of what's best for Mowgli, and not yourself.
Baloo: But-- Well, can't-- Well, can I wait until morning?
Bagheera: It's morning, now. Go on, Baloo.
[An emotional Baloo sighs and walks towards Mowgli before looking back at Bagheera with a choked-up facial expression. Bagheera understands that it's really hard for him, but he urges him with a nod.]
Baloo: [sighs; he isn't sure how to tell Mowgli the difficult truth] Oh, boy. Mowgli? Mowgli. Um, it's time to get up.
Mowgli: [wakes up with a yawn] Oh, hi, Baloo.
Baloo: Hi. Hey, rub that old sleep outta your eyes. You and me, we got a long walk ahead of us.
Mowgli: [not really noticing that Baloo is now looking melancholy] Swell! Gee, we'll have lots of fun together!
Baloo: [sadly] Sure, yeah. Yeah. All right, let's hit the trail, kid. See ya 'round, Bagheera.
Mowgli: Well, good-bye, Bagheera. Me and Baloo, we've got things to do.
Bagheera: Goodbye, Man-Cub. And good luck.

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