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Johnny English Reborn

Johnny English Reborn quotes

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View Quote (Tucker and English approach a cliff)
Tucker: What are you doing, sir?
English: Regulation 75-1, never question a senior agent in the field (jumps off the cliff) .
View Quote Monastery chief: MI7. Wants you on the first flight back to London.
English: (in a sad tone) Master. Am I ready?
(The music builds up)
Chief: No.
View Quote Quartermain: This way. Haven't got all day. Don't! (too late; English presses "Enter" on a nearby laptop, firing a disc. The disc flies across the aisle and slices the entire head clean off of a dummy, which an agent catches) Would you stop meddling, English? (guides English over to a luxurious car) Here she is.
English: Ahh, the Rolls-Royce Phantom. Truly the Rolls-Royce of automobiles.
Quartermain: Armour plating, all the bells and whistles. Say "bonnet."
English: Bonnet.
Car's computer: Command accepted. (the bonnet opens)
Quartermain: Voice activation recognizes only you. Rolls has fitted one of their experimental engines, the nine-litre V16. Goes like the wind... only quieter.
English: Beautiful.
Quartermain: Keep up. (leads English to a table laid out with gadgets that all look completely innocent) Here's what you'll be taking to Hong Kong.
English: Ah, yes.
Quartermain: (holds up a socket extension) A satellite receiver, (holds up a comb) tracking device, (holds up a pack of gum) Semtex chewing gum... (English grabs a small digital camera) Ah! Now, what did I just say? (English clicks the shutter, firing a mini-dart out of the lens. The dart goes directly through the rump of a dummy and into the buttocks of an agent. The other agents laugh and English chuckles sheepishly) That's the new P2 digital dart gun.