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John Q. Archibald: You know, what I don't understand is why they never found it, the doctors. My son has had clean checkups every year since the day he was born. How could the doctors not pick it up?
Dr. Turner: He might not have been tested thoroughly enough.
John Q. Archibald: Why not?
[Dr. Turner doesn't answer; Steve butts in.]
Steve Maguire: You got an HMO, right?
John Q. Archibald: Yeah.
Steve Maguire: Well, there's your answer. I mean, HMO's pay their doctors not to test. It's their way of keeping costs down. Now, let's say Michael did need additional testing and insurance says they won't cover them. The doctor keeps his mouth shut, and come Christmas, [points to Dr. Turner] The HMO sends the doctor a fat-ass bonus cheque.
John Q. Archibald: [to Dr. Turner] Is that true?
Dr. Turner: Possible. Not likely, but possible.
John Q. Archibald: You telling me that these doctors may have known what was wrong with my son and they could have treated him all along?
Dr. Turner: Who knows? I don't know.
Lester Matthews: Don't take this personal, Doc. But, y'all bunch a goddamn crooks.
Dr. Turner: You don't know what you're talking about.
Julie Byrd: What about that thing that you guys take?
Dr. Turner: 'The thing?'
Julie Byrd: Yeah, that promise. What do they call it?
Steve Smith: It's called the Hippocratic Oath.
Lester Matthews: More like the 'hypocritical oath'. How's it go, Doc? "I solemnly swear to take care of the sick and damn-near-dying, unless they ain't got major medical." Something like that?
Dr. Turner: You've got it perfectly, that's it.
Steve Maguire: It's funny, but it's not that far from the truth, okay?! This shit happens all the time! Paramedics bring in some accident victim and when the big boys in Accounting find out they can't pay, they send them packing.
Julie Byrd: Hospitals can't turn people away!
Steve Smith: Isn't there laws against that?
Steve Maguire: Yeah, there's laws! But there's also ways around those laws. The only thing we have to do is stabilise them. [to Dr. Turner] And after that, we're off the hook and you know it.
Dr. Turner: That's not how it works.
Steve Maguire: That's exactly how it works! Maybe, not up there on the fifth floor. But in here, if you don't have any money, you get a Band-Aid, a foot in the ass and you're out the door!
Dr. Turner: Shut up. Enough already! I've heard all the bitching and moaning I can stand for one day, alright? Look, if you want to regard me as some kind of blood-sucking vampire, then fine, great, I'll be the bad guy. [points at John] But who's holding the ****ing gun?

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