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Jigsaw (1949)

Jigsaw (1949) quotes

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Angelo Agostini

View Quote Myron McCormick as Charles Riggs. Howard Malloy: Barbara was alive when I passed out. You must have come in here...
Sigmund Kosterich: No! Why would I have waited for you to awaken if I did?
Howard Malloy: Your fingerprints are on this gun.
Sigmund Kosterich: And so are yours.
Howard Malloy: Yeah, but I know I didn't kill her.
View Quote Angelo Agostini: Maybe you better get out of town. Maybe you better really go away for a while. Mmmm! Take a little trip.
Barbara Whitfield: Would you miss me?
Angelo Agostini: Like my last breath!
View Quote Barbara Whitfield: [Changing behind a dressing screen] Is this visit business or pleasure?
Howard Malloy: Right now it's your business and my pleasure.
View Quote Barbara Whitfield: Why did you come over to me at that party, Howard?
Howard Malloy: Because you were the only person who didn't look like you belonged there.
Barbara Whitfield: Really? I belong anywhere I'm wanted!
Howard Malloy: Do you?
Barbara Whitfield: Don't I?
View Quote Barbara Whitfield: You must have smiled at someone the way you smile at me. People should be careful of that smile. People should be careful of a lot of things about you.
Howard Malloy: You know, even angels can get their wings clipped.
Barbara Whitfield: You got scissors for my wings?
View Quote Charles Riggs: You know, I was born in this city, Howard. In our block, we had guys from practically every race and religion you ever hear of... and a couple you didn't. But we got along pretty well.
Howard Malloy: Well, that's the way it ought to be.
Charles Riggs: In our block, nobody cared what country your parents came from or where they went to church. Nobody called you a nasty name... until you were taught there were nasty names and some people were supposed to be called by them -Micks, Polacks, Wops, Limies, Spics, Hunties.
Howard Malloy: That's part of our history. America always has to melt away the differences between people.
Charles Riggs: Sure and most always you don't understand why they're supposed to be different. They're just somebody else's say so, somebody else's influence. Now we got people around who want to make people hate each other, be afraid of each other, just so they can make money out of it. I don't like that.
View Quote Dist. Atty. Frank Walker: [coming into a room and viewing several dead bodies] This place looks like the last act of "Hamlet!"
Howard Malloy: It's the last act for all kinds of things.
View Quote Pet shop owner: [carrying a striped cat] Perhaps you'd like this little lady, Miss Whitfield.
Barbara Whitfield: [holding a black cat] No. Thank you. This is the one. Does he have a name?
Pet shop owner: Yes, it's Bennie - Benvenuto, really.
Barbara Whitfield: Hmmm. I used to have a cat they called Hadrian the Seventh. We ended up calling him Harry.
View Quote You're a tough guy, Mr. Malloy. I can see that, and I like tough guys who are tough about the right thing.