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Jeepers Creepers

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Darry Jenner
Jezelle Hartman
The Cat Lady
Trish Jenner

View Quote ...Trish...I think we found our body...
View Quote ...You kids got anyone else with you?...
View Quote Darry: [about his cellphone] Don't worry I have a power cord for that.
Trish: Yeah, and I have a cigarette lighter, THAT DOESN'T WORK!
View Quote Darry: [after being run off the road by the creeper] Sounds alright. What?
Trish: Like either of us would know.
Darry: I know a little.
Trish: A car makes a strange noise you just get new tape, Darry. You told me.
Darry: I told you? I learned it from you.
Trish: Jesus Christ.
Darry: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait…Wait, I’m thinking past the point of my own selfish little existence now, okay? We’re both pretty damn sure what we saw him dump down that pipe, right?
Trish: Yeah.
Darry: What if it's someone still alive?
Trish: What if it was?
Darry: Someone who needs help!
Trish: We can get help just as fast by getting to a phone.
Darry: Do you have any idea how far we are from the nearest pay phone?
Trish: We were just attacked Darry!
Darry: And you don't even want to find out why? We look in the pipe, that's it.
Trish: Is this your idea of a little adventure or something? This is why girls are smarter, okay.
Darry: We look in the pipe; and if there's nothing there, nothing we can do we just drive on home and we call the cops. And you know that's what we should do?
Trish: Bullshit I do.
Darry: Bullshit you don't! Look me in the eye and tell me you can just drive away. Just drive off, leave whoever's back there, back there. Maybe find out later, they'd still be alive if you had just gone back.
Trish: Don't try and make this about the right thing to do. You just want to go back there and see if there's something nasty at the end of that pipe.
Darry: Okay, okay. What if it was you back there?
Trish: I am not getting out of this car!
Darry: You don't have to.
Trish: I am not!
View Quote Darry: He dumped something down that pipe.
Trish: Wrapped in a sheet.
Darry: Wrapped in rope and a sheet.
Trish: Wrapped in rope and a sheet with red stains on it... just get us out of here!
View Quote Darry: There's usually a reason why you like the long way home.
Trish: Gee, like, maybe I like the country?
Darry: Mmmm, okay.
Trish: Just drive, brat.
Darry: Hey, I'm only thinking the same thing mom and dad are going to be thinking. "Trisha, Trisha why are you driving home for spring break with your brat brother, and not heading off somewhere with that nice 'Mr. Poli-Sci-Track-Team-Guy'?"
Trish: Ugh, I will tell them the same thing I'll tell you: None of your goddamn business.
View Quote Darry: We have to get out of here.
Trish: No, let's stay and feed the birds.
View Quote The Cat Lady: You got ten seconds to get your ass out of my yard, and don't think I'm gonna tell ya twice!
Trish: Get the hell away from him.
Darry: What are you doing, Trish?
Trish: Get the hell away from him!
View Quote Trish: [after being attacked] What the hell was that guy's problem?
Darry: For my 1st guess, INBREEDING‼
View Quote Trish: [as Darry speeds up behind a camper] Come on, Darry.
Darry: [trying to read the liscense plate that says 6A4EVR] ..."Gay-Gay Fever"--no, "Gay Forever." "Gay Forever," that's mine. That's three for little bro'.
Trish: That's a six, not a G, you idiot. That's "Sexy Forever." That's mine. That's five to two.
Darry: Shit.
Trish: "Gay Fever?"
Darry: [as they speed up next to the camper and see an old couple] Woah...Sexy Forever, huh?
Trish: You know that is you in forty years.
View Quote Trish: [looking back at the road] That was a stop sign.
Darry: You're kidding, right?
Trish: In your car, I'd be kidding.
Darry: On this road? I haven't seen a car in fifty miles.
View Quote Trish: Christ, do you think they even have a phone?
Darry: I'm guessing no phones and a lot of guns.
View Quote Waitress: Hey! That’s your car out by the pumps it’d it? Bunch of folks saw him from the window. That man at your car. He was standing by your car, sniffin’ that laundry; holdin’ big handfuls of it under his nose. Looked like he was likin’ it too.
Darry: Still think I bumped by head? Now this guy is after us! He’s after us because he knows what we saw. And now he even knows my name!
View Quote Darry: [After Trish turns off the radio] You wanted the back way home. Thats 10 hours of preachers, farm reports, and country music.
Trish: Could you possibly just shut up and drive, please?
Darry: "You broke my heart in two. Now I can't find the...Duct tape to put it together for you." Come on, girl, sing along now. "When I met you, I thought I would die. I wanted to cry. Didn't know you were evil, or that you would hurt me...'Mr. Poli-Sci-Track-Team-Guy'. Turns out you're a twit and a real--" [The Creeper's truck comes up behind them, horns blairing] Jesus‼
View Quote [after running over the Creeper]
Darry: Is he dead?
Trish: They never are.