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It Takes Two

It Takes Two quotes

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View Quote Alyssa: [to Amanda] Told ya, third time's the charm.
Roger: W-wait a minute. All of this? This was your doing?
[both Amanda and Alyssa nod their heads in unison]
Diane: Oh, it WAS, was it?
[the girls nod their heads in unison again]
Roger: Well, ladies, what do you have to say for yourselves?
Amanda and Alyssa: So kiss already!
View Quote Amanda: [as Alyssa, after eating escargot] All this money, and these people eat slugs?!
View Quote Amanda: [as Alyssa] Ladies and gentlemen, normally, I'd be tickled to play a selection from... [briefly eyes the sheet music cover: "Frederic Chopin- Eight Pieces for the Piano"] ... Chopin, but in honor of my new stepmother, whom I absolutely adore, I've decided to play a little something of my own.
View Quote Clarice: This is all YOUR fault!
[she is about to slap Amanda (posing as Alyssa) but is stopped by Vincenzo]
Vincenzo: [furiously] Lady, if you touch that child, I'll POP you one, so help me God!
[Clarice storms off and sees the real Alyssa, then Amanda, and she does a double take]
Clarice: Oh, my God! There's two of them! It's a conspiracy! [laughs and smiles] Well, at least I'll get to hit one of you.
[she reaches over to slap Alyssa, but Diane stops her]
Diane: HEY! Back off, "Barbie". And by the way, you have a little, tiny bit of something right here on your teeth.
[she points to Clarice having lipstick on her teeth]
Clarice: I have never been more humiliated in my LIFE!
[she heads out the door, when...]
Alyssa: Wanna bet?
[she steps on the hem of Clarice's wedding gown, pulling her skirt down and exposing her underpants in front of the guests; they all laugh and take photographs]
Clarice: Oh, my God! [shrieks] Daddy! [runs out in humiliation] Oh, my God!
View Quote Clarice: Where the hell is everybody? Vincenzo!
[Amanda and Vincenzo have heard the whole thing]
Vincenzo: I sure hope you got a plan.
View Quote Diane: [to the main office of child services on the phone] Let me just run this by you one more time, okay? Please, just hear me out, one more time. Okay. I know I don't make that much money, and I know that I'm a little bit single, but I want to adopt Amanda.
[Anderson laughs on the other end]
Diane: No, I... Are you laughing at me? [to Patty] He's laughing at me! [to phone] You... You stupid JERK! [hangs up in fury]
View Quote Harry Jr.: We've been looking for you, Your Highness.
[he kneels to Alyssa and presents her with a makeshift crown made out of an old can]
Alyssa: [annoyed] Leave me alone.
Brenda: But, Your Majesty, we brought you something.
Billy: Yeah. Something to make you feel more at home.
[he has a plunger in his hand as a makeshift scepter]
View Quote Roger: I made my money the old fashion way - pure dumb luck.
View Quote Vincenzo: Miss Kensington says "fashionably late" was an hour ago. What seems to be the problem?
Carlo: I'm a hairdresser. Not a zookeeper.
View Quote [after the macaroni spills on Roger's head, Diane laughs and snorts as quietly as she can]
Roger: Excuse me, ma'am. Did you just snort?
[Diane shakes her head, snorts, and laughs again]
Roger: I suppose you think this is funny? [picks up a butterknife w/a bit of butter on it] Well, maybe you'll get a little chuckle outta this.
Diane: You wouldn't dare.
[Roger flings the butter on her; Diane yelps]
Diane: FOOD FIGHT!!!
[a food fight breaks out]
View Quote [Alyssa and Diane arrive at the front steps of the church]
Alyssa: Aren't you coming?!
Diane: [stammers] Uh, no, I think I'm just gonna wait for Amanda out here.
Alyssa: Diane Barrows! Get your butt up here this... instant!
Diane: Okay. Okay. Maybe I'll just stand in the back and take a little look-see.
View Quote [Alyssa sits on a pile of scrap with her makeshift crown, cape, and scepter]
Billy: Here's your royal throne, "Alyssa Callaway"!
[the other kids laugh]
Billy: Hail Betty, Queen of the scrap heap!
All Butkis Kids: Hail Betty!
[they kneel before Alyssa]
Alyssa: But my name's Alyssa Callaway!
Harry: Yeah, right. And I'm Princess Di.
View Quote [Diane and Alyssa spot a horse-drawn carriage; Alyssa gets on]
Diane: Oh, no. NOT another horse!
Alyssa: Diane, come on!
Diane: All right.
[she gets into the carriage]
Diane: Where is the driver?
[she notices that the driver is at the hot dog stand, eating hot dogs]
Diane: Oh! Hey, Buddy! Listen, you gotta take us to St. Bart's right away! It's an emergency!
Driver: [mouthful] We're closed, Miss. I'm on my break!
[Diane turns to Alyssa, and ****s her head, signaling her to get in the driver's seat and take the reins; Diane gets in the passenger seat and turns angrily to the driver]
Diane: I wanna thank you for all your help, Bud!
Alyssa: [whips the reins] HYAH!
[the horse runs off, pulling the carriage; Diane falls backwards into the seat; the driver notices and runs after his horse]
Driver: [still mouthful] Hey. Hey, lady! Hey, that's...
[he spits]
Driver: [screams clearly] THAT'S MY HORSE!!!!!
View Quote [Diane storms into the office after after Alyssa, as Amanda, was "adopted" by the Butkises]
Diane: You were supposed to protect her! You should've done something. Y-Y-You could've slit their tires or something! Anything!
Jerry: They had the paperwork!
Diane: What paperwork?!
Patty: [hands Diane the paperwork] We couldn't find you! Miss Van **** was here. What did you want us to do, lie in front of the van, for God's sake?!
Diane: I would have! [drops the paperwork] I'm takin' the Jeep! [takes the keys to the Jeep]
Jerry: Hey, that's the camp's!
Diane: [furiously] Oh, don't you even...! [storms off]
View Quote [Roger and Vincenzo watch Amanda as Alyssa banging on the piano keys at the engagement party]
Roger: You think maybe my daughter's asking for a little attention?
Vincenzo: I'd say she's demandin' it.
[Amanda bangs the final notes]
Roger: Hmm.