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Tracy Walker quotes

View Quote Mayor Kobayashi, elected leader of Megasaki City. For 150 years, you and your ancestors, known as the Kobayashi Dynasty, a procession of dog-hating thugs, stooges, felons, and their criminal underlings, have betrayed and deceived the citizens of Uni Prefecture. You make me so mad! Professor Watanabe, Science-Party Candidate, deceased. The wasabi in your blood showed poison-levels in excess of ten times the maximum dosage required to stop the heart of a whale. Why'd you do it? Atari Kobayashi, adopted ward to the mayoral-household. You heroically hi-jacked a Junior Turbo-Prop XJ750, and flew it to the island--
View Quote Atari, you heroically, as I was saying, stole the little airplane, because of your dog and... [stammers] I lost my train of thought. [turns off her recorder] Damn it. I’ve got a crush on you.
View Quote We call upon dog-lovers everywhere to harken to this transmission.
View Quote Thank you, Editor Hiroshi. You all know me. I speak my mind and sometimes that ruffled some feathers. Please forgive my bluntness. Mayor Kobayashi is a crook and I hate him. Right now, he faces a divided congress to a hotly contested re-election year. Dogs are dying on a miserable island, gullible masters have been brainwashed, the Science-Party Candidate is being held against his will with no recourse to legal counsel. Somebody is up to something.
View Quote (throws a board eraser at Editor Hiroshi) I'll spell it out. I believe Municipal Dome propaganda has deliberately stoked irrational Anti-Dog fear and suppressed a medically proven dog flu treatment in order to promote a secret campaign to turn the country against its innocent house pets! (regains her composure) There, I said it.
View Quote Young masters of Megasaki, UNITE!
View Quote That crook! He's stealing the re-election again! Let's go!
View Quote This landslide re-election is a massive fraud, and we demand a recount!
View Quote Mayor Kobayashi has dog's blood on his hands. You all do! Atari was a hero. Professor Watanabe was murdered. The serum works! The mayor is a crook, and I hate him.
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