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Chief quotes

View Quote [first lines] Okay, it's worth it.
View Quote [to Igor and his pack] Get out of here and don't come back.
View Quote You make me sick. [vomits and walks to the four dogs] I've seen cats with more balls than you dogs. [yells at Duke] STOP LICKING YOUR WOUNDS!!! [Duke's eyes shift awkwardly as he just sits with his tongue out. Chief walks up to Boss] You hungry? Kill something and eat it. [walks up to Duke] You sick? Take a long nap. [walks up to King] You cold? Dig a hole in the ground, crawl into it, and bury yourself. [walks up to Rex] But nobody's giving up around here, and don't you forget it, ever. You're Rex. You're King. You're Duke! You're Boss! I'm Chief. We're a pack of scary indestructible alpha dogs. You're talking like a bunch of housebroken... pets.
View Quote Go ahead, say it. I'm a stray, yeah.
View Quote We’ll find him. Wherever he is, if he’s alive, we’ll find your dog.
View Quote [to Rex] You're not our leader, we all are. Let's take a vote.
View Quote I don't sit.
View Quote [enraged; to Spots] You son of a bitch!! If we don't drown, I'm gonna strangle you myself. I don't care how many exploding teeth you try to spit out at me. Do you have any idea what that little pilot just went through to try to rescue you? How DARE you?!
View Quote [to the owl] You'll meet a bitch named Nutmeg. Tell her Chief says, "I'll see you in Megasaki."
View Quote Wait, what?
View Quote [to Rex, Duke, King, and Boss] Let's take a vote.
View Quote [growls after Atari tries to pet him] I bite.
View Quote I've never been offered a Puppy Snap in my life. I don't even know what they taste like. Okay, I'll try it. [trying his first Puppy Snap] Crunchy. Salty. Supposedly, it cleans your teeth. This is my new favorite food. Thank you.
View Quote Why should I?
View Quote I've been hunted by dog-catchers all my life. I'm not easy to trap. I've only got three captures on my record where I actually got sent to the pound, I mean, and the first two times, I escaped within 24 hours, but the third time... I got adopted before I could finish digging the break-out-tunnel. It was a big family. Five kids, two other dogs, already. They stuck me in the back of a station-wagon and drove me out to the middle of the sticks. Grass, trees, swimming pool, cartoons on TV. Anyway, one morning a week later, the youngest boy, his name was Toshiro, woke me up at 6:15, bright-eyed, wide-awake, and he tried to pet me. He didn't mean anything by it. He was just being friendly. Apparently, I bit him so hard, I nearly chewed his hand off. Blood all over the kitchen floor. They rushed him to the emergency room and I got pad-locked out in the tool-shed with the lights out. It gave me some time to think. What happened? Why did I do that? To this day, I have no idea. I guess he scared me. I bite. That night, an old woman, she must've been the grandmother brought me out a bowl of some homemade hibachi-chili. I like to think she cooked it for me, personally, but who knows? Maybe it was just more leftovers. But... You've got a tick. [takes off the tick off Rex's nose and spits onto the golf hole] Anyway, that's my favorite food I ever ate. The old woman made a great bowl of chili. [Rex: What happened after that?] I dug my way out by morning, jumped on the back of a dump-truck, and hitched back to Megasaki. I was always a street-dog, let's face it.
View Quote [after Atari gives him a bath] Where'd you get that dog? He looks like me with a pink nose. I come from a nine-dog litter, but they drowned the sisters. We're not a rare breed: short-haired-Oceanic-speckled-ear/sport-hound-mix. [stammers] I'm getting confused now. My--my belly feels funny.
View Quote Don't ask me to fetch that stick.
View Quote I'm telling you, I don't fetch.
View Quote I'm not doing this because you commanded me to, I'm doing it because I feel sorry for you.
View Quote [to Atari, as he was checking his size to ride the Pagoda Slide] No, you can't ride the Pagoda Slide. You're below the safety-limit, anyway. Let's go. We made an emergency plan, even if we didn't get to vote and agree to it yet: rendez-vous at the cause-way to the Far-away Cuticles, and go find your dog. Maybe everybody else just got crushed, compacted, and incinerated- but we're going to be there. Let's go. [Atari goes up the stairs] Don't. Repeat: don't. I am not your pet. I never liked you. I don't care about you. I won't wait for you. I bite. [Atari goes up the slide] Good luck.
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