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Is It Fall Yet?

Is It Fall Yet? quotes

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View Quote Brittany: What are you guys doing this summer?
Jodie: [takes in deep breath] Two internships, volunteer community service, a part-time job and in my spare time: golf lessons.
Kevin: Wow! What about you, Mack Daddy?
Mack: Driving an ice cream truck.
Kevin: Ha! That's not very prestidigitatious.
Mack: Thanks for pointing that out.
Kevin: You're welcome!
View Quote David: Hi, I'm David Sorenson. Are you Quinn?
Daria: I don't know. Is this the ninth circle of Hell?
David: The Divine Comedy.
Daria: Wait a minute, you know that? All right. Who are you and what do you want with my sister?
David: I'm here to tutor her.
Daria: Seriously.
View Quote Helen: Daria, you need to be more tolerant. You know what they say, 'judge and be judged'.
Daria: And I judge myself unfit for human contact.
Helen: That's exactly what you *will* be if you don't learn to interact with the rest of us. You keep hiding your real face behind that anti-social mask, and one day that mask will be your face. I'm not going to let that happen. You're working at that camp.
View Quote Helen: Hello! You must be Tom.
Tom: I-
Helen: I'm Helen Morgendorffer.
Tom: Glad to-
Helen: Won't you come in?
Tom: I'd-
Helen: Great!
View Quote Jane: Hey, Trent, I meant to tell you, you guys have a gig tonight.
Daria: You better start soon or you'll miss your next break.
Jane: Unless you take your next break now.
Daria: In which case you better take it on stage; they'll never think of looking for you there.
Jane: And while you're up there maybe you could play something. Oh, wait, that's what they're paying you for. Nevermind.
Trent: You guys are weird.
View Quote Quinn: So David was right. I am superficial.
Daria: At least you know your strengths. [notices the sad look on Quinn's face] He really called you that?
Quinn: He said he only dates girls with depth.
Daria: How did it even come up? [Quinn doesn't answer] Oh, boy. You asked him out? [Quinn starts crying] Quinn, you're... um... not as superficial as you act. I'm sure you just feel obliged to stress the moronic aspects of your personality so you'll fit in better with the fashion drones. Like a mask you wear 'cause you think they wouldn't like the real you.
Quinn: You mean sort of the way you keep people away by being really unfriendly and stuff?
Daria: Hey, we're talking about you here.
View Quote Any kid who looks to you for nurturing is more than just lost.
View Quote But that's not fair. I didn't have time to study with my Fashion Club duties. Don't extracurricular activities count for anything?
View Quote Does this college town have a name or do you just turn left at the kid with the tractor?
View Quote I'm sorry, but the confidentiality agreement I signed with the Government prevents me revealing that. I've already said too much.
View Quote Life sucks no matter where you are so don't be fooled by location changes.
View Quote That's it. Must... contact... intelligent... life...
View Quote The guys here are a lot better looking in person than on their wanted posters.
View Quote Uh-oh, don't look now but it's 'Toulouse Lau-dreck'.
View Quote You can't judge someone by their family. What if people judged me by.... blech! Got to go.