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iParty with Victorious

iParty with Victorious quotes

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View Quote Beck: I guess I've never really felt true terror
Sikowitz: Then I guess I'll have to work on that. [turns around and starts laughing]
Tori: What are you laughing that?!
Sikowitz: [still laughing] That picture of ducks playing poker!
[Scene cuts to a painting of ducks playing poker.]
View Quote Carly: Boomba.
View Quote Carly: Okay, we're going to move on to our next segment here on iCarly!
Sam: Which involes the brain of our disturbed friend, Gibby!
Carly: Yes! We all know that Gibby's head is full of wrong-ness...
Sam: And to demonstrate that again, let's take a look at– [huge moving cactus walks towards Carly and Sam growling] Uh, oh... it's the cactus' big brother!
[Carly and Sam holds onto each other and screams]
Tori: [from Los Angeles watching the web show with Steven laughing] Oh my God, how funny is this? Aren't they hilarious?
Steven: Yeah, it's funny... [pretending not to know what it is] What's it called?
Tori: iCarly. [confused] You've never heard of it?
Steven: Uh... no... Why?
Tori: Cause' you live in Seattle half the time, and that's where these girls do it from.
Carly: [from laptop with Sam] Go on now!
Sam: [at the cactus' big brother] Go!
Carly: [at the cactus' big brother] Walk out the door!
Sam: Just turn around now!
Carly: You're not welcome anymore! [Tori laughing with Steven... nervously]
Sam: And now...
Carly: A disturbing voyage into the depths of the ever puzzling Gibbish brain...
Tori: [laughing] That girl Carly's really pretty don't you think?
Steven: Sure... just uh, not my type... anyway... uh, you know, we've been going out for over 3 months.
Tori: I do... we're coming up on our 100 day kiss.
Steven: Sneak preview?
Tori: Show me the trailer. [kisses Steven]
View Quote Cat: Last night my brother bit my foot.
Lane: Well, I don't need to know everything.
Cat: Soup.
View Quote Freddie: He deserves it!
Carly: I know but you're nerdy. Steven would beat you silly.
View Quote Kenan Thompson: You see that? Why does everyone want to borrow money from me?! I mean you guys, Andy Samberg, half of the original cast of All That.
Tori: Aw, I used to love that show!
Thompson: Your cheek bones are like little sugar plums.
View Quote Kenan: PANDA!! [chases after the panda]
View Quote Monie: You shattered my heart… and my leg!
View Quote Rex: But let's see if you can beat this puppet, Puckett.
View Quote Rex: The geek rejected by the freak. That's ironic.
View Quote Robbie: He's really mad.
Rex: But he's got really beautiful skin.
View Quote Sam: So, face it, Rex. You couldn't even rap if I stapled his lips and took his hand out your back!
View Quote Sam: The Nile's not just a river in Utah.
Carly: Egypt!
View Quote Spencer: Can Gibby come? He's got the hands of a goddess.