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Inkheart quotes

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View Quote Basta: (after catching up to Meggie and Mo) Hello, princess. Where's you father?
Fenoglio: I told them he's gone out, but they don't believe me.
Meggie: You told them?!
Fenoglio: He had a knife to my throat! Isn't he awful?
Basta: Tell me where Silvertongue is before I kill you both. (Toto comes out from under the bed and barks)
Meggie: Toto, no! (she goes over to Toto)
Fenoglio: Toto? (looks at "The Wizard of Oz") Oh, my goodness! (picks up "The Wizard of Oz") She's inherited her father's gift! (Basta grabs the book, and looks back at Meggie)
Basta: Another Silvertongue. Ol' Capricorn will be pleased. (he takes Toto away from Meggie; Toto whimpers)
View Quote Basta: (after he attempted to attack Meggie) Get off!
Dustfinger: No one gets hurt! (starts setting fire on Basta's jacket)
Basta: (terrified) F-fire! Fire!
Dustfinger: Is that what we agreed on? Is that what we agreed on?!
Basta: Yes! We agreed! We agreed! We agreed! (Dustfinger takes his hands off Basta's shoulders, thus the fire dying down; Basta fearfully pats out the remaining flames)
View Quote Basta: (delivering Meggie's dinner) Food for the little princess. Capricorn wants you to have your strength for tonight.
Fenoglio: You should stay; we're telling ghost stories. (Basta flinches) Oh, that's right. You don't like ghost stories.
Basta: I'll give you ghost stories, you-!
View Quote Dustfinger: (after Farid annouced he was going with Dustfinger) What about the girl? I thought you liked her.
Farid: Oh, don't worry. (pulls out a wallet containing pictures of Meggie; somewhat satisfied) I stole his wallet.
View Quote Dustfinger: (after Meggie was tickling Gwin and got bit) He doesn't like to be tickled. And you sould be more careful. His name's Gwin. And I know he looks charming, but you know what they say about books and covers. (he leans down in front of Meggie to pick up Gwin; Meggie gets up)
Meggie: Yes, I do. And I also know what they say about talking to strangers. Excuse me. (she starts walking away)
Dustfinger: But I'm not a stranger, Meggie. (Meggie stops and turns around back to Dustfinger) You won't remember me; we met once when you were quite small. But I'm not a stranger. (Mo comes out of the bookshop, and stares at Dustfinger) Hello, Silvertongue. (Meggie turns around) I was just having a talk with your daughter.
View Quote Mo: What are you not telling me?
Dustfinger (walking away): I've seen her...she's not actually in the book...she's...
Mo: Where?
Dustfinger (stopping and turning to face Mo): In Capricorn's castle.
Mo: And you didn't tell us?
Dustfinger: We needed the book.
Mo: We didn't need the book!
Dustfinger: I needed the book!! (shoves Mo)
Meggie: My Mum was right there and you didn't tell us?
Dustfinger: Look... don't look at me like that, because if your father had known the truth, then he would never have agreed to help me get the book, and I need the book!
Mo: You selfish, repugnant, weak character!
Dusfinger: I... (pointing at Fegnolio) blame him! He wrote me that way!
Fegnolio: I disagree!
Mo: You tell me how to get her back!
Dustfinger: Not until you promise to send me home.
Mo (grabbing Dustfinger): Tell me how to get her back!
Dustfinger (quietly): I'm missing my family too.
Mo (looks shocked, lets Dustfinger go): Okay.
Dustfinger: Promise?
Mo: Promise.
View Quote (regretably) I'm sorry. I had no choice, (suddenly excited) but look! It's Basta!
View Quote [about Elinor] She's kind of an acquired taste.
View Quote [to Dustfinger] You're afraid.
View Quote [to Meggie about Inkheart] You're not even allowed to touch that book, you understand me?
View Quote All right; this is our way in. Now listen, this is gonna be dangerous, so you need to keep up. You gotta move quickly.
View Quote “Why would we ever want to go back when your world is so accommodating with your telephones and your guns and what's that sticky stuff called ...duct tape.”
View Quote Before you say anything, I'm here to save your necks.
View Quote Do you know the end of your story Meggie?
View Quote Don't worry Toto; you're just not in Kansas anymore.