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I'm Not There

I'm Not There quotes

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Arthur Rimbaud
Billy the Kid
Jack Rollins
Jude Quinn
Robbie Clark

View Quote Claire: I would like to know what is at the center of your world.
Robbie: Center of my world? Wow, you're not monkeyin' around.
Claire: Why? It's very simple, this question.
Robbie: Hm, well, I'm 22. I guess I would say me.
Claire: I suppose you are honest.
Robbie: Don't you think that you're the center or that you should be the center? Thinking with your own head, talking with your own mouth?
Claire: Yes, but there are things in the world, too, that are important.
View Quote Hobo: Coulda sworn you was an older man.
Woody: Well, I used to be. Much older.
View Quote Jude: Doesn't really matter, you know, what kind of nasty names people invent for the music. But, uh, folk music is just a word, you know, that I can't use anymore. What I'm talking about is traditional music, right, which is to say it's mathematical music, it's based on hexagons. But all these songs about, you know, roses growing out of people's brains and lovers who are really geese and swans are turning into angels – I mean, you know, they're not going to die. They're not folk music songs. They're political songs. They're already dead. You'd think that these traditional music people would – would gather that mystery, you know, is a traditional fact, you know, seeing as they're all so full of mystery.
Keenan Jones: And contradictions.
Jude: Yeah, contradictions.
Keenan Jones: And chaos.
Jude: Yes, it's chaos, clocks, and watermelons – you know, it's – it's everything. These people actually think I have some kind of, uh, fantastic imagination. It gets very, uh … lonesome. But traditional music is just, uh … it's too unreal to die. It doesn't need to be protected. You know, I mean, in that music is the only true valid death you can feel today, you know, off a record player. But like everything else in great demand, people try to own it. Has to do with, like, uh, the purity thing. I think its meaninglessness is holy. Everybody knows I'm not a folk singer.
View Quote Jude: Feeling deeply, that's what this is about? What precisely, please do tell, am I supposed to be feeling, huh?
Keenan Jones: I'm simply referring to standard emotions – pain, remorse, love.
Jude: Yeah, I have none of those feelings.
View Quote Jude: Whoa, look at all these medicines! Hey man, what are those?
Man at Party: Mandy's, make you sleep.
Jude: Sleep? I don't need sleep. Sleep is for dreamers.
View Quote President Nixon: I have asked for this radio and television time tonight for the purpose of announcing that we today have concluded an agreement to end the war and bring peace with honor in Vietnam and in southeast Asia. The following statement is being issued at this moment in Washington and Hanoi: At 12:30 Paris time today, January 23, 1973 … [trails off]
Robbie: That's when she knew it was over for good. The longest running war in television history. The war that hung like a shadow over the same nine years as her marriage. So why was it suddenly so hard to breathe?
View Quote Reporter: Jude! One word for your fans?
Jude: Ocelot.
View Quote Grain of Sand would become the underground hit of 1965 and Robbie Clark the new James Dean, Marlon Brando, and Jack Kerouac all rolled into one. But the movie disappointed her. The more they tried to make it youthful, the more the energies on screen seemed out of date. It wasn't the film they had dreamed, the film they had imagined and discussed. The film they each wanted to live.
View Quote [Looking up at a giant Jesus on the cross] Do your early stuff!
View Quote [To a crucifix] How does it feel?
View Quote All they want from me is finger-pointin' songs. I only got ten fingers.
View Quote Everybody knows I'm not a folk singer.
View Quote God, I'm glad I'm not me.
View Quote How can I answer that if you got the nerve to ask me?
View Quote I accept chaos. I don't know whether it accepts me.